Creative Flow!- 10:10 p.m. 2003-02-19

Well, the party's over - and so is my long weekend. The return to classes was not too painful, but I didn't get enough sleep last night. I stayed up until about 11 or so, working on the Links page for my new website. It looks awesome, but is out of control. I need to go back into Photoshop and edit some of the icons that I just copied and pasted into my webpage. It's a whopping 1200 or so pixels wide, and that's supposed to be a "no-no" in web design. Also, they won't center.

Then, my husband came home wired from music editing, and we talked until almost 12:30. We have to get up at ONE of the 3 snooze button hits between 5:30 and 6:00 am. I made an Indian casserole for International Food Day - it was Vegetable Biryani from a spice envelope that I got at the International Farmers Market. I added vegetables and rice.

I had good lesson plans, and the copy machine was finicky, but finally gave up the 60 copies I needed for today. I hope I am as fortunate tomorrow. But now, I am into making personalized greeting cards in Microsoft Publisher, and sat at my desk doing that instead of grading papers. I brought the papers home last night and didn't grade them. I rarely do that at home any more, so I don't know why I even bother to lug them there and back.

I made Valentine's Day cards last week, and cute birthday cards for Dad (Saturday) and for my husband's step father (today). Dad's card is all about his new obsession: buying and selling antique postcards. I copied and pasted pictures of cards and stamps from a great vintage postcard e-card site I found and then added some quotes (one about travel and one about history). I just had to add a jab about whether or not these cards were found on E-Bay, and I was done.

The other card is for another avid collector. My father and husband's stepfather have their birthdays one day apart and they both get "into" things and collect them. My dad has dealt in everything on Earth, from bottles to railroad nails to baseball cards to comic books to Beanie Babies. His interest is more in the "lottery" aspect of collecting (If only he could find that first issue Superman comic, he could be a millionaire.

My husband's stepfather has money. He collects things of value, I am sure, and gets just as caught up in it, but I don't think he's hoping for the pot of gold. He is into "complete sets" - especially concerning the Toby Mugs. His house is overflowing with them. Big ones. Medium-sized ones. Itty bitty ones.

So, I got his card idea from a visit to their house where he showed me his jackalope. It's a stuffed rabbit with antlers sewn on top of its head. I found a Jackalope fan site, and copied some stuff from it, and actually found some Dungeons and Dragons (or other gaming site) that had made a character of a Toby Mug and improvised on that text. I came up with a funny card, for which the punchline jabbed at his propensity for collecting "bizarre" objects. I think that it's funny, anyway!

I had my 4th website design class, and we learned how to make tables from scratch. I had been working with tables from programs like Page Mill, and then GoLive, so this helped me understand two things:

How tables are "really" done

How much easier it is to use a program

My instructor looked at my web pages and was complimentary. A fellow student who "designs" webpages did comment on my use of bright colors, but I don't plan on compromising on that right now. I like 'em, and it's MY website!

I need to go to bed. If my husband doesn't get back soon, he will sleep on the guest bed. I need sleep, not talk. But I am very happy that both of us are expressing ourselves creatively. It's fun!

P.S.- no one has signed up for my class on I made flyers today to put up in the copy rooms, and asked that a copy be sent out to the staff. I am not preparing anything until someone signs up!

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