Blatant Self Promotion 12:29 p.m. 2006-07-11

I have been a little bit slothful lately, but I HAVE put some items up on a new site at Here it is! Putting up the works - mostly the originals of my collages found on my Maison Celeste Cafe Press Shop in print and card form - but also some wooden assemblage pieces and Loteria items under "Art Supplies."

It is soooo hard to place a value on your own work. I may have my mom check it over and see what she thinks. I will put more up, and may even use it to replace the "Yahoo Store" that has not yet been created... We'll see.

So far, I have had a flurry of attention at the beginning, including this lovely comment about Our Lady of Color: "Wow. What an amazing piece. I wanted to let you know I really love your work. It's just beautiful." Isn't that nice? The author of the compliment, Kali, has some pretty amazing pieces herself, including Oriental Dresser.

I have done a few other things to build community. On Sunday afternoon, I went to the Atlanta Craft Mafia's Summer Indie-pendence Sale. It was soooo neat. It was in a lovely airy community center in Oakhurst, a gentrifying community in East Atlanta. There was a nice variety of items, but I didn't really see anything quite like my stuff. There were awesome hors d'oeuvres offered by two different caterers. I had ONE CUP of the champagne punch ($1 - a cheap drunk if I ever heard of one!) and there were all sorts of fresh fruits and hummus and such to sample. I particularly loved the Grapefruit Cornmeal Cookies - they rocked! I am determined to be a part of the next event , called the Ho Ho Ho-made Holiday Trunk Show.

After receiving my Sampler, I sent an e-mail to Marie, the Sampler sensei, and asked to contribute. I am for sure going to send buttons of my Loteria Celeste, but am trying to find a clever way to package them. The due date is July 20th.

There's another artist's project called the Art-o-Mat that I have been wanting to do. They vend art in recycled (reformed?) cigarette machines. Fun!

Speaking of due dates, I sent in my craft proposal to the DIY Network. The show I would be on - if I am accepted is Craft Lab, with Jennifer Perkins of the Austin Craft Mafia - gee, I hope our two "families" are getting along! I don't want to be lured to Hollywood, only to get knocked off!


I need to finish two more items to e-mil to the producer to expand the craft project - which are my story boxes. I have an Asian version in the works now.

What else? I am very close to plunking down a lot of money to get my shrine frames custom made in China - I need to learn how to make a wire transfer. I am going to have one crate shipped the fast and expensive way, and the other three will come in in 2-3 months.

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