Happy Fourth! 11:03 a.m. 2006-07-04

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Well, the past few days, I have been busy.... but not busy. For example, on Sunday, I - for some bizarre reason - decided that I was obsessed with pesto. I must have spent about 3 hours or more searching for various recipes on the Food Network website. Then, I decided that it was unfair to keep this to myself, so I prepared an entry in my It's All About The Food! blog, which I have not posted on in ages.

I am proud - and embarrassed - to announce that I found 46 pesto recipes! So far... I added a couple of extras that are not exactly in the pesto category - meaning that they involve some cooking. Those would be Pistou, Caponata, and Tapenade.

I know what you are thinking... I wonder, too, how many variations of - say - hummus there are! I will save that for another day!

This week, my sister and her family are in town. I have gone over to socialize and to get the scoop on my niece and nephews' MySpace pages. I also went with them yesterday to the new Georgia Aquarium. It was pretty freakin' awesome. Next time, though, I will NOT go on a major holiday weekend. It was packed! But, on the other hand, they may be packed for years! The teens and pre-teens, being way too cool for us, went out on their own, and we adults stayed with the kiddies. Of course, there was an intricate network of cell phones involved in the planning.

Last night, when I checked my e-mail, I had something from the guys at the DIY Network. Apparently, my "show" is being pitched tomorrow. So, today, I have to come up with step by step directions for a story box, as well as two other variations on the theme. So, I stayed up until about 2AM last night preparing things. I think I have some neat ideas - keep your fingers crossed!

What else? OH! about 2 weeks ago, I did something wacky. I had heard an interview with Marie Kare, a woman who started this great grab-bag of crafts called The Sampler. All sorts of crafters, soap makers, etc. send her small-ish samples of their work, and she puts them together in a box and sends them out to subscribers.

Now, apparently the original subscriptions go VERY fast - like in less than a couple of hours after she starts the registration. So, she generally saves a couple to auction on E-Bay. This month's sampler is a double month (June/July), and there were 4 on auction - with the proceeds going to charity. So, I bid. And I won one. I have been eagerly awaiting my box, and it still hasn't come yet. So, I went to the website and found this message in the News in Brief section:

Sampler Town is in a world of hurt. The Summer Sampler ships June 30 thru July 7.

Good to know. I would like to be a contributor, of course. It is great publicity - they just were involved at the MTV Style Lounge! I also have always wanted to be a part of the Art-o-Mat project - soon.

First things first - I am off to work and create now! Happy Fourth of July!

P.S.- Three days to go before I can call for my results of the Praxis II Test that I took on June 10th. Yesterday, I registered online for the August 5th test as a back up. I hope/pray/wish that this will not be necessary!

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