Morning Ramblings 9:04 a.m. 2006-06-26 Morning Ramblings

Last night, after staying up way too late to find out the ending of Dickie Roberts, Child Star, I am actually up at 7:00 AM. Part of this is because I am caring for my mother's geriatric Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - I have to feed and take her out while my husband takes care of Lupita. Then, I was persuaded to have breakfast - although I have warned that I may return to bed at any time!

I also commandeered the middle floor computer to browse while I am eating breakfast. To give you an idea of my free-form web surfing experience, here is where I have been so far:

1. First, I always read my Daily OM Horoscope. Sometimes, I will back this up by going to

2. Today, I received a Kick in the Tush newsletter from Our Lady of Weight Loss, which offers such motivational tidbits as: "Take a walk on the wild side. - Walking an extra 20 minutes each day will burn off 7 pounds of body fat per year." and "Explore your creative side. Committing 'Creative Acts of Weight Loss' presents an opportunity to stare down the enemy and allow our creativity to bubble to the top."

3. In the newsletter, there are a bunch of links, such as this one. It is called "Fifty is the new 35!" and offers its own newsletter. Maybe later.

4. I also check out the page with Our Lady's Favorite Links. I immediately click on Brocante Home. "Brocante" is the French word for flea market like finds. This is an interesting blog by a woman from England, and I immediately want a blog with the same layout! She has links to E-Bay items she covets to the left (with pix of the items), and pictures of books to the right. I really need to revamp my blog...

5. From there, I clicked on a link to Adios A Body Image Site for Every Body, and immediately had to read about Vinnie, the Tampon Guy.

6. Even while writing this entry, I have clicked on other links, including Cucina Testa Rossa. This is a cook's blog - I can't yet tell if she's in California or France... But I put My Life in France by Julia Child on my wishlist after clicking on this quote: "Oh, la belle France--without knowing it, I was already falling in love!." -Julia Child, My Life in France

7. Oops! Since I am re-listening to Elizabeth Gilbert's book, Eat,Pray,Love, I have been contemplating yoga. So... when I saw a link to Yoga in Bed, I could not resist putting this on my wishlist, too.

8. Speaking of Liz Gilbert: Check out her website at While searching for one of the interviews on Nichelle Tramble's blog, I instead started scrolling through another author interview. She happened to mention that she also consults the Tarot - the Hollywood Tarot, that is. Check it out!

9. Liz Gilbert's sister, Catherine Murdock has also published a book - it is, I believe, young adult fiction, called Dairy Queen: A Novel. You can read an excerpt here.

10. I am going to wrap up this internet time (about 90 minutes or so) with a quick check on my E-Bay auctions, which I put up last night. I also am compulsively checking my Maison Celeste CafePress Shop, which I re-vamped last night. I have my three Mardi Gras designs in one category now.

11. If you are interested, you can check out my new Loteria Quilt digital collages on Flickr.

I have also started on a MySpace page (hey! The Crafty Chica has one, so why not me!). I have currently forgotten everything I ever knew about HTML, so making the page unique is a problem.

Okay, I'm done! Off to bed -- or, here's a radical thought -- to make the bed!

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