Pozole and Kongs 12:20 p.m. 2006-06-23

Last night, my husband and I took my mother out for her birthday. We went to a new-ish restaurant in Virginia-Highlands called Pozole. I saw it the other night while we were out in Va-Hi, and then coincidentally ran across a review in the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

So, we fought traffic and arrived at about 6:30 PM. The restaurant was nice and airy, with a lot of places to sit on the terrace or open, facing the street, but we ate inside. I was curious about thier margaritas, because the menu bragged about their home-made sour mix. When they say "sour", they really mean it! It had a nice, key-limey taste, but was way too sour for my taste. That did not prevent me from ordering another, however. Next time, I will try the sangria.

My favorite part of the drink menu was the vast variety of specialty tequilas, and, even more inconceivable - specialty margaritas made with high-end tequila and Grand Marnier. That one was priced at $65. For ONE margarita. I have never been a fan of tequila straight up, but any fool knows that if you are going to pay that much for tequila, you had better be sipping it like fine brandy. Still, I would love to see someone order one... if only they could have one of those Hundred Dollar Hamburgers.

Speaking of Va-Hi: I finally got a chance to go to one of the heavy metal karaoke nights that takes place in the basement of The Dark Horse Tavern. The gig is run by Metalsome Incorporated, and the songs are played by a live rock band. The BIG night is Metalsome Mondays, but we went on a Saturday night. My hubby is a regular there, and usually sings. He even sings on nights that he swears he's not going to sing, because he is not "prepared." This time he got to sing two songs: Live and Let Die (not the Beatles version) and Flying High (by Ozzy). It was fun, and I may sing something one day. We didn't stay for the late set (I'm a wimp), so I didn't get to see any truly drunk people get up and sing. Maybe next time!

I am still trying to revive myself from my slothful state. I am, sort of. I am still working on my Loteria Collage Quilt and putting up new images as I finish them. This morning, I did a "count-down" calendar to the end of summer vacation: I have 40 days left to go. Got to get cracking!

My puppy - Lupita - is doing quite well. She doesn't bark as much as Connolly did, but when she barks, it's for a reason. Usually, this is provoked by frustration - taking away her toy, telling her "no" too many times (no, you cannot chew on my clothes, electrical wiring, chairs, carpet, toilet paper, etc.). This morning, she played around while I tried to get up the will to get up. Finally, she yipped at me - get UP! Great, TWO nags in my family.

I am constantly providing her with rawhide chews to appease her "furniture" tooth. My mom gave her a new toy for welcome: it is called a Kong. It is a rubber toy that you put things inside, and the dog works to get it out. So far, the dog biscuits are too easy for Lupita - she usually figures that out in under 5 minutes. She has even learned to toss the Kong into the air. When it hits the ground, usually the dog biscuits are jogged loose. I found a website called What Can You Stuff In a Kong?". Apparently this can be very complex.

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