Sluggy Times 1:07 p.m. 2006-06-20

I am a slug. Yep, I - just about - can't be bothered to do much these days, except for shopping for food or walking the dog. And things do need to be done. Like paying bills and washing clothes. I won't even mention the house, because, apparently, that can go for YEARS without being cleaned!

I have been doing some art - I am working on another Loteria deck. This one is called the Loteria Quilt. I am essentially taking line drawings and making a collage using fabric "samples" that are filed on my computer. Some actually take a lot of time, as I clean up images and make them usable as collage blanks. I also can alter the fabric samples' color, size, repeat, etc.

It's quite addictive. I have barely moved from my laptop in 4 days. My left hand (my mousing hand) will eventually stiffen into a little claw, unable to perform any other function. And my butt... well, we won't go into that.

I am, of course, exaggerating, but only by a bit. Like most teachers in the summertime (despite what you civilians might thing), I usually have big plans. This summer, I planned (plan) on:

1. Getting my Maison Celeste website up, including a Yahoo Store feature that I have been paying for for 4 months and have not used!

2. Making a LOT of items to sell over the next Christmas season. I have the materials to keep me crafting for months and months.

3. Cleaning my house from top to bottom, and collecting ALL items that I don't have any need for. With these, I might have a garage sale - or sell them on E-Bay - or give them to GoodWill.

4. Getting my finances in order - we still have to get our taxes in (we filed for an extension.

5. We won't talk about any weight-loss goals, but that is always on the table. I am currently eating whatever I want, and having Kir Royales or margaritas a couple of times each week.

Okay, I am done. Don't feel too sorry for me (and I doubt that those of you who have to work all year long AND fulfill some of these goals do...). I have been creatively active, and have gone out a bit. My puppy is assimilating well to our family life, and I am almost through with Season 2 of Scrubs. ;-)

I will write more later. Some of you may not have made it this far, and I don't want you to miss out on the newer fabulous websites that I have found!

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