Tattoo U. 4:47 p.m. 2006-06-08

Check out my E-Bay auctions! Did you notice my new graphic? I have literally been glued to my laptop computer, playing around with all sorts of images. I am collecting tattoo designs, as you can see, but I am also checking out mehndi (henna tattoo) artwork. I am having a good time, but my posture is awful, and I am sure I will get carpal tunnel syndrome!

The design to the right is in a new shop in my Maison Celeste Cafe Press Store, called Tattoo Logo. Yes, I will find a more interesting title. I also plan on making web collages with Mexican tin ornaments and papel picado images that I have manipulated in Photoshop.

Soon, however, I have to do some real world work: pay bills, clean up, etc. Tomorrow, we are going to North Georgia so that I can get up and stand by for the Language Arts Praxis. I decided against extending the stay, because I want to get back home! I have much to do!

The puppy is doing well - she is getting into a routine. We, however, have changed the routine a bit - I am testing the limits of her patience in the morning. We went out for a walk in a state park yesterday, and she did fine, but was tired afterwards. A tired puppy is a good puppy!

Let's see... I have just purchased a lot of 50 cotton napkin/towels. I plan on making tea towels out of them by ironing on transfers of loteria cards, etc. that I will print out on my computer. The price I paid was pretty cheap, but it will do for a trial.

Oh, by the way - just because I admire tattoo design and images - that does not mean that I am going to get one! I hate needles! I might be interested in temporary tattoos, however. Here is a site that will print temporary tattoos for me!

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