Back to my real life... 12:04 p.m. 2006-06-06

Check out my E-Bay auctions! I will be putting some other stuff out soon, including some mini buttons made from my Loteria Celeste designs. I have been really surprised and pleased at the results of putting up my Maison Celeste Cafe Press Store. I have sold more things than I expected! Even the Vive la Raclette! is selling!

I am slowly coming down from the stress fest of the past week. I dropped off my final project from my last Reading Endorsement class yesterday before noon, and I have heard nothing yet from my instructor. No news is good news...

Last night, after the appointment with my therapist, I went to visit my mother for a moment. Then, I went to El Azteca and overindulged, contrary to the advice from my Numerology reading: "Exercise discipline today; social events may lead you to overindulge." Oh, yeah!

No, the overindulgence was not of the alcohol kind. I had a margarita, as a matter of fact, but they are soooo strong there that I asked for water after that. My waiter, instead, brought me another margarita. I said at first that that was okay, but asked him to bring me water as well. After a sip or two of the second margarita, I decided that it was too much and asked him to take it away. Of course, I knew that he was going to try and slip it past me on the tab, but I politely asked him to remove it. He's not that new to our country - and I was not that drunk...

What I had too much of was cheese - milk products. I had a bowl of the lovely queso dip with chips, there was a lot of cheese in my QUESAdilla, and then I had a lovely chunk of flan for dessert. My mother is the one who tries to abstain from milk - she is lactose intolerant and she's trying to make me L-I, too. I'm not (I don't think), but that is alot of cheese and condensed milk for anyone! When I got home, I stayed up until midnight, letting my stomach settle while watching Season One of Scrubs on DVD.

I love Scrubs. I was, however shocked when I just visited their site to find that they have been around for FIVE seasons already! I had no idea! I am almost finished with my Netflix DVDs of Season One, and will go on to Season Two. I love Netflix. I just finished up the whole "Six Feet Under" series, and am just waiting for the last season of "The Sopranos." to make it to DVD.

Now, people have told me that there are sites like BitTorrent where you can get the episodes right now. I am a bit afraid of those sites for two reasons: I am afraid it will fill my computer with spyware, etc, for one thing. The other problem is that I live with MR. Clean-living Computer Guy, and I am sure that, although other people tell me that it's perfectly legit, that he would know for sure that it isn't. Boo hoo.

Change of subject: I have been working with the Virgin of Guadalupe in my art for quite a while. I have to say that I have only recently gotten into her. I remember visiting my Aunt Sage in Austin - she is really funky, like I am. She has a lot of Mexican art from traveling there, and her walls are covered in it. Her bathroom at the time (10 years ago?) was decorated with icons - mainly the Virgin - but I didn't much notice back then, except to appreciate the riotous colors.

Now, I am a Guadalupe freak! I am constantly looking for new images, and am working on some of my own. Part of this is my teaching Mexicans and traveling there, of course. But I just ran across an article about the Virgin of Guadalupe as an icon that is sweeping pop culture in the USA. Read it here! Unfortunately, as it is an older article, the pictures are not there, but it is fascinating.

Okay, I have got to go! I have a lot to do now! Make a website, order frames from China, mail items to Australia! This is the life!

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