New Dog and New Stuff! 9:27 p.m. 2006-05-17

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I have been busy, busy, busy!!! First of all, we have a new dog!

Her name is Lupita - yes, I checked with my students and Googled the name and found at least 5 dogs with that name! Yes, that is the diminutive of Guadalupe! We picked her up last Saturday morning, and have been working on getting her into a routine. She is a Border Collie mix, about 5 1/2 months old, and fairly calm. So far, so good. My husband is being a trooper, taking on the toilet schedule while I work. I can't wait 'til school is over!

I also think I came up with a suitable memorial to Connolly, my dog that died after our 14 year partnership. It is to the left of the entry. I have another Photoshop collage made from a cross nicho - I think that will be an element in a real collage.

Here is my latest Photoshop creation:

I found this fabulous silver charm at Sterling Sylvia's in the French Quarter in New Orleans. I was trying to sketch the charm, which is a silhouette of a fleur de lis made up of a cobra's head and wings. Last night, I scanned it and did some work. I uploaded some of my variations to a new CafePress section in myMaison Celeste store. Yes, there is also a section with Connolly's shrine - mainly so that I can order a print!

In two weeks, hopefully, I will have survived the end of school, the end of my third (and last!) Reading Specialist class, and the lean month of May!! Yahoo!

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