Texas Ranch House 3:23 p.m. 2006-05-04

I don't know about any of you, but I am watching Texas Ranch House on PBS. I was a fan of the first one of these "reality" programs, Frontier House, but have not been a fan of the other spin offs. But, since it was filmed south of Alpine, Texas, near the Big Bend, I thought that it would be interesting. My grandfather was a sheep rancher one county north of there, near Ft. Stockton. We used to spend a week or two in the summer out there, in the middle of nowhere, on the ranch.

The show has its good points as well as its bad points. As usual, when you plonk a bunch of 21st century people into a situation from 150 years ago, things are not going to work as planned. Our women are too uppity, and our men too passive-aggressive. Now, my grandmother was a fearsome woman, but she did not call the shots on the ranch, my grandfather did. Nor did the ranch hands eat with the boss's family - like the guys wanted to on the show. Oh, I think that the Maura chick was a plant to cause a little tension and thrill. I knew that when I saw her riding. Gee, I thought PBS was better than that.

Let's see, what else have I been up to? Eating a lot, for one thing. NOT going to the gym, for another. Of course, at the same time, my husband has been on a hunger strike (diet) and has lost 9 pounds. He is walking a couple of hours a day, and eating very little - I doubt he can keep it going forever! But I don't want to be unsupportive! Especially since I ate almost a whole batch of brownies over the past three days. They were supposed to be for the son of some friends, but they did not take them home in time...

I got a few things in the mail that I ordered. The first was a couple of Cathedral Triptychs made of wood and paper mache. I am always on the lookout now for alternative shrine vehicles, since I have not yet made the decision about ordering frames from China.

Another interesting alternative for pocket shrines is the Microscope Slide Mailer. I had seen necklaces and drops made from the slides before - edged with soldered metal or metal tape. But these handy envelopes are are perfectly engineered on the inside to form a little cathedral arch. Check out the artwork made with Single,Double, and Quadruple mailers. Awesome! I just know that there is a Loteria or Guadalupe themed shrine waiting to be made! As a matter of fact, here is one called El Corazon.

I also could not resist buying these Fleur de Lis Mardi Gras necklaces. I am sure that I can do something with them!.

Well, I have my night class in one hour - only 16 days of school left!!! I am winding down the year with a reading contest between two evenly matched (?) teams of students. The winners with the most Accelerated Reader points wins a pizza party! Yahoo! So far, only one of my CDs has been spitefully destoyed.

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