Spring Break! April Fool? 10:24 p.m. 2006-04-01

I know it's been a while - has anyone missed me? I have missed me! It has been so crazy - ITBS testing, grades due, project(s) due for my Reading Specialist class... This is the kind of thing that makes me want to just chunk everything and head for the hills.

This is the time I start to seriously consider things like going to live with my Dad in the little town in Mississippi. My husband is welcome to come,too, as long as he expects me to do nothing but create art, cook good food, and blog.

It's not that I don't love my little students - who wouldn't love a bunch of surly 8th graders with no respect for property and no real will to learn anything - say, to speak ENGLISH? I'm exaggerating, of course, but if I were to see one more gang graffiti or obscenity written in one of my grammar books, or any more foreign matter on the furniture I purchased just this August - well, I could not be responsible for my actions.

Lucky for me - and them!- we are now on Spring Break! I thought it would never get here. And I am happy, but I am also a bit disappointed in myself because I have yet to complete my case study for the Reading course. I have until April 10th or 11th, but I had hoped to get it all out of the way so it would no longer be hanging over my head.

Today, I woke up fairly early - 8:30AM - because I thought that my Brazilian friend was going to come over with her boys. My house is so far beyond a mess that words cannot describe it. I got a little bit put away in the garage, when my friend called and asked for a rain check - as it was raining outside. I was a little relieved, because I was not ready for them yet.

Instead, I planned on running errands - I needed to pick up some Zarela stuff, I wanted to swing by Goodwill and look around, and I also wanted to go grocery shopping - I had not been to Costco in ages.

I started out by seeking somewhere to eat. I decided on a barbecue place in Lilburn - it was pretty good, but I am still tasting it now... Then, I happened by the Lilburn Goodwill - I usually go to another one - and went in to look around.

Believe me, I have more than enough forms for shrines - I wasn't going in for that, really. I was actually looking for old books to use for collage. Let me explain: Last night, while web surfing, I Googled "collage artists" and found the site of Peter Lewis from New Zealand. His collages are really amazing - and I really loved the fact that there was an interview with the artist, talking about his technique. I particularly like his black and white collages.

Now, I didn't go to the Goodwill, planning on finding things to be a carbon copy of Peter. If I hac wanted to, there was plenty of material - Lots of old science texts and dinosaur books. About the only thing I came up with at first was a book on making cocktails, with full color pictures on a white background. I don't quite know what I will do with them - nor with the geography full color transparency books that I found.

I went by WalMart, then by the other Goodwill - there was one book that I almost got - on Oriental rugs - but I had no change and I didn't want to have to accumulate the $10 worth of merchandise necessary to use my debit card...

Before I got to Costco, I passed Petco. Outside, there was a sign saying that there were pets to adopt there. I don't think that I am ready for a new dog yet (it's been almost 3 months since Connolly died), but I thought I would look. No dog really caught my eye, although there was a pretty cocker spaniel, possibly Cavalier King Charles mix that looked cute. She was white with black and tan blotches and points. However, she is already 3 years old - I may want a puppy.

I then went to Costco and bought a LOT of food, with the intention of eating healthy and freezing meats to eat (salmon, tilapia, shrimp, and chicken thighs). I also got frozen stir-fry vegetables and frozen berries. The only impulse buys I made were a box of the Cranberry Macadamia Nut Cereal and some really fabulous artichoke and lemon pesto. I am going to have it with pasta, shredded roast chicken, and mushrooms - maybe even artichoke hearts - and parmesan! Yum!

I am going to bed soon. I spent a little time, contemplating an art piece I want to make, using one of the canvas boards my mother bought for me 3 years ago or so. I have painted one of them yellow, and have painted some cardstock with the wonderful Cerise tempera paint I have found. I don't know what I will do next. I came in on the middle of The Barefoot Contessa, with Humphrey Bogart and Ava Gardner. I watched it, no knowing that it wasn't a comedy. Oy vay!

Okay, to bed now! I have lots of things to do tomorrow!

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