Loteria Madness Strikes!!! 11:56 a.m. 2006-03-04

Just this week, I finally got my copy of the Loteria calendar I worked so hard on. I may still get another copy, as I sent in a complaint that I had not received that part of my order, and the customer service rep offered to send a replacement. I have to say, CafePress is really handy and great for customer service issues. I just upload my designs, create my Shop, and they take care of the rest.

I am quite satisfied with the final product, although I am aware that some of the loteria images look more digitally enhanced than others. This weekend, I should finish up my Collage Calendar, and then I will order a copy of that. Is it too late to be calendar shopping? I don't think so, really, since a lot of people order calendars as a resource for inexpensive prints to be framed! I will be ordering one of the posters next.

What I really would like to do is to sell an assortment of cards in my loteria designs, and I was kind of hoping that would be an option with the premium shop. But it isn't. I did some calculations, and the profit margin would not be much. My mother suggested that I look to a local print shop for that. All in good time.

Yesterday was definitely a "play day" as many of my students had not finished their work for the week. I have been designating Fridays as "catch-up day" where students could finish their work and then have time on the computer, or to do a craft, or to read their library books (alas, usually a last choice!) IF they had finished all of their work for the week.

For some reason, I was toying with the idea of working on another Loteria series, this time with digitally altered photographs gleaned from Google Image Searches. To that end, I started entering one word search terms, focussing on the names of some of the more obscure Loteria cards, like "la maceta" (the flower pot) and "el cantarito" (the water jug). The first cool site I happened upon was the Ciberloteria, part of a children's educational website from Mexico. It had some cool and cute moving gifs of a variety of loteria cards, such as the ones below:

It's cute, and I am toying with the idea of using the e-cards to send invitations to a party or dinner, but I am afraid that the e-mails coming from that site will just be perceived as spam. Still, I will send them to some of my students' e-mail addresses. They will think they are cute!

I also revisited Velvet Hellvis, who has six Loteria ATC's (or Artist's Trading Cards) with a Loteria theme. I love the little Diablito!

Since my blog has a Loteria theme, I was very interested in the image from Loteria.blogspot.com, but my school's firewall won't let me access the page - party poopers! I waited until today to look for it again. It was a group blog in 2002, and I definitely like the background! Also, the contributors used a loteria card as their signature.

Finally, purely by accident, I found A Capella-Stempel - and hit the motherlode!!! This is a fabulous German rubber stamping website. In additon to selling rubber stamps, they have sponsored a three year, ongoing (I hope they don't stop yet!!!) monthly swap with a different loteria image as the theme. Here are the years: 2003, 2004, and 2005. I hope that January and February of 2006 is coming up! What a fun project!

Okay, I have finished my sandwich, and am on my second Diet Coke (with Lime) of the morning. time to go and do something else. I have some ideas about working with quilt templates and the huge assortment of wrapping paper I have... We'll see what comes of that!

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