Weekend 8:52 p.m. 2006-02-25

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Yesterday, I spent the morning administering a test to two students who needed make-ups. We are administering the new ACCESS for ELLs Test for the first time, and it is a loooong test. I found a wonderful little unused office on our hall, and put two desks there to test the remaining students. Then, I spent the rest of the day in the office, since I had a substitute teacher!! ;-) I started giving the speaking test, guinea-pigging a couple of my advanced students. Then I threatened to hole up and watch my DVD of Desperate Housewives, Season One...

But I didn't!

It took forever to get home yesterday, and I am on to new books on CD. I received my Eat, Pray, Love CD from Amazon, but need to finish the CD I got at Cracker Barrel. It is called Lost in Rooville by Ray Blackston. I have already listened to his book, Flabbergasted. Unfortunately, I am listening out of sequence, because I just found out that there was a middle book called A Delirious Summer. Now, although these books do qualify as Christian, they are still amusing, and I have to find out what happens with the main characters!

When I got home, as is now my habit, I took a nap. I was planning on getting up briefly and then trying to go to bed, but my husband talked me into going to a movie. We went to the $2.00 cinema to see Walk the Line, which I enjoyed very much - even though I was very distracted by Joaquin Phoenix's upper lip. We finished up the night at IHOP with a stack of pancakes, and I didn't get back to bed until 1:30AM.

Today, I have gone grocery shopping, overspending as I have not done in a while. I sure hope that paycheck kicks in quick on Monday night/Tuesday morning!!!! I did a little dusting and re-arranging of knick-knacks in my bedroom and am about to bundle up a whole bunch of stuff to give to GoodWill. Still, I had another nap this afternoon - I am just a napper right now.

My husband has gone to see Robert Fripp perform at the Variety Playhouse. Mercifully, he has spared me from going. After I do a bit of blogging, I will finally put in the first DVD of Desperate Housewives, Season 1 and clean while I get caught up! I am a git behind on the whole DH craze. My rule of thumb is not to get too attached to a show until it has cleared at least one season! And, now that is even more possible with everything coming out on DVD so quickly.

I have not been to my regular Podcast places lately, and the Crafty Chica is busy with her new book release, so I did a little poking around at her website for interesting links. I thought that Our Lady of Weight Loss was so amusing that I signed up for the weekly (monthly?) newsletter.

I just spent the past half hour at the rubber stamp website of Steven Vander Meer. Love his stuff! Gotta go!

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