New Cafe Press Shops!!! 10:39 p.m. 2006-01-24

I am having a blast!!!! I have had a long day, but I can't stop uploading images to! I have a whole series based on Loteria images that I have altered in Photoshop. I worked all last night on a composite of the 12 images I have done so far. I have named that site Loteria Celeste - check it out!

I am working on beefing up the calendar images - I am working specifically to the template and measurements suggested by Cafe Press. Here is the scorpion (el alacran) that I worked on on full bleed. I have a little problem with the black edge not showing at the top...

But I should have gone to bed 50 minutes ago. NOW, I have to find out what happens on CSI. I think that it's one of the CSI's. It's been a great night - Gilmore Girls (rerun, but still...) and double Scrubs.

Today, I was back to school, with AM traffic to welcome me back. I was telling my first period class what happened to my car Friday morning. When I mentioned that the guys driving the car were Mexican, one of my students piped up: "You are prejudiced!!!" I looked back, dumbfounded, and said, "But they are from Mexico..." By the end of the day, I was calling them "Spanish-speaking people who came from somewhere south of the border..."

My goodness!

Okay, this CSI is way too annoying...little girl rescued from a bad porn fate - dug up from a fresh grave just before she suffocates... How do I get conned into this? It's bedtime.

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