Internet ADD... 2:47 p.m. 2006-01-23

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This morning, I took another day off from school to recover from Friday's wacky events: the car accident and strep throat... Needless to say, I have not gotten much done this weekend - sleeping until noon and staying up until 2:00 AM watching the TBS Julia Roberts-a-thon!

That is not entirely correct - I did get a lot done. I opened about 10 or more CafePress shops with my collage designs and two new valentines. I want to put up a web page with the links - today, maybe. I got mentioned in Nancy Marmolejo's blog - so nice of her!

And... because I obviously have undiagnosed Adult Attention Deficit Disorder, I started with the entry that mentions me and immediately saw all sorts of other great things to investigate. For example, the second thing that jumped out at me (I'll talk about the first in a minute!) was this article Nancy published in La Diva Latina, an online Latina magazine. It is entitled Native American Pow-Wow Give-Away: Have a Loca Style Give-Away Today. It is such a great idea for finding new homes for belongings that no longer serve a purpose for you! You have to read it!!!

Another site that Nancy highlighted was As is my habit, I Googled the word "kobbi" after visiting and saw no other mention of the symbols. I wonder if the the person created this herself. The site defines kobbi, which I have never heard of before:

kobbi (cbby) n. 1. a spirit of thankfulness 2. the awareness and appreciation of the inherent fullness of life 3. the contentment that accompanies a spirit of thankfulness

The 25 Symbols of Kobbi immediately inspired me - I am a code and symbol freak!!! I will have to contact the company to find out more! I can already think of several people who would love to receive the Foundation Series, which is a beautiful dish with 5 polished and engraved stones!

Then, I decided to write a bit about the new books I just got in from While doing a search for Living Out Loud, I didn't have the author's name, so I had to fumble about a bit (God forbid I go up the 2 flights of stairs to get the book out of my bedroom!) and I found a blog called Living Out Loud by Krista Konkin that has one of the greatest layouts I have seen in a long time. I just lost 5 minutes browsing... ADD... I have to give her snaps for:

1. A great links page. I love the squares buttons and paragraph descriptions along side!!! I now want my CafePress page to look like that!!!

2. The hippest resume I have ever seen!!!

Soooo, I finally found the author of the book, Living Out Loud. Her name is Keri Smith. I was able to access her landmark article called How to make a living doing what you love. I am immediately forwarding it to lots of people, and pasting it in my journal. Or putting it in my new Recipe Box of Secrets. That is an exercise from Living Out Loud where you start collecting things that inspire you and putting them on cardstock in a large shoe box. I'm on it!!!

I was inspired with another lesson plan idea by Keri Smith's two "Stories in a Box". I looked at The Princess and the Pea and Cinderella. Is that too young for my students to try and do? Should I be teaching elementary school? Hmmmm.

I also purchased Weekly Writes by Shery Ma Belle Arrieta. It is awesome, and she also offers limited free access to some of her e-courses when you purchase her book. Still, her 21 module e-course, called Joyful Writes is only $9.00. That's a bargain!

Enough! It is almost 3:00 PM, and I have to go and get my rental car, as well as have the first session with my trainer since before my trip to France. Ooh la la!

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