Advent Day Four 1:37 p.m. 2005-12-05

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I am sorry that I missed my entry yesterday... Next year, the Advent Calendar will be perfect!!!

For today's entry, I am offering Strindberg and Helium. Although I think that Strindberg was Swedish, the very mention of absinthe is very retro-Parisian - very Moulin Rouge. (Speaking of Moulin Rouge, I did not list it in my France remembrance movies. I love love love Strictly Ballroom, but Moulin Rouge did not hit me...)

I also have some cartoons from the New Yorker's Cartoon Bank. The catalog and website are almost more amusing than actually ordering anything!!! Here are some favorites:

The Secret Shame of Paris
Moving to France
High School French
Moving to Paris, Part Deux
Paris on 1500 calories
Rue de La Bonne Femme

There are many more!

I am back in school - only 14 school days left... That's too many! Yesterday, I had another fairly leisurely day. I am working away at shrines ordered so that I can get them in the mail. I also got some things straightened up.

I also did a lot of cooking: Black Bean Soup, Turkey Mole Soup (in which I pureed 6 slices of mole enchilada casserole and made it the base of my soup!), spaghetti sauce with the remainders of my Greek Shepherds Pie veggies - no sweets, I promise!

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