A Short Update! 8:50 p.m. 2005-11-16

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I just packed my dad off after his visit with us - interspersed with two trips up north to Virginia for postcard shows! He also has left us with a wealth of food. He made chicken and sausage gumbo, beef and vegetable soup, and a fabulous catfish dish served over angel hair pasta!

Last weekend, my husband and I went out of town to Cloudland Canyon State Park, where we spent the night at a Days Inn and went on a 5 mile hike! Ouch! Saturday night, we went out to eat in Chattanooga, to a burrito bar called Mojo Burrito. It was pretty good, but pricey! Sunday morning, we could not leave the area without going to See Rock City. I had never been and my husband had been when he was about 8 years old. I loved it! I am going back and dragging Brazilians with me!

Let's see, I finished Jane Smiley's book, Good Faith. I liked it. I liked her other book, Barn Blind, as well, and I think I have read A Thousand Acres... or maybe it was Horse Heaven.

I went with my mother and my husband to a great new restaurant in Atlanta called Chow Baby. It is "The Real Chow Baby is a hip spin on the traditional Mongolian grill, allowing Atlanta diners to create their own meals, which are cooked to order in a flash."

I have never been to a Mongolian grill, but here is more: The process is fairly simple. The server will bring you a wooden paddle on which you will write your name (pencils are provided at every table). Then get in line at the stir-fry bar, pick up a bowl, and fill 'er up.

First off are the rice and noodle stations. Diners can choose between brown and white rice, and a variety of noodles, including lo mein and udon. Then come the wide assortment of vegetables. Sauces are also numerous, with everything from Ginger Lime Basil to Asian Peanut Pesto. Meat and poultry (labelled protein) come at the end, and are placed in a separate smaller bowl. Add seasonings and spices and oil and vinegars to your creation, if desired, before leaving it on the counter for one of the busy stir-fry cooks to pick up.

In addition to stir-fry, patrons can opt for their dish to be made into a salad, wrap, or soup. Colored sticks designating each preparation style are next to the bowls as one enters the stir-fry line. Place in your bowl and you're set. (because I want to go to bed, I am copying this from About.com.

I had brown rice with mini corn, green beans, asparagus, mushrooms, with cilantro, mint and lime. I chose tilapia and calamari for my meat, and the great Coconut Curry sauce. It was very good. Mom and Wheat went for seconds, trying the noodles, but I ordered the gingerbread cake with white chocolate icing. It was great!!! I have to go back and try the cocktails some evening!

On our way home, we stopped at Star Provisions, the gourmet store attached to Bacchanalia restaurant. They have added a new tea room and take away meal area, which I wanted to check out. It was neat, but we went back to the butcher shop and came away with fennel sausage, hamburger patties with truffles and foie gras (we bought two, and reshaped them into 3 patties!). I also bought flageolets, my favorite French dried beand (to cook with the fennel sausage), a carton of curry sauce, and French candy.

My trainer brought me back to reality today by making me do a REAL cardio workout. It was very stressful. I must retire right now.

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