Going to the Show! 12:45 p.m. 2005-11-06

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So, I slept from about 6PM last night until around 9:30 or 10:30 this morning!!!! Of course, I got up to feed the dog, go to the bathroom, etc. but I did not even take my contacts out! I was that worn out!

Yesterday morning, I had my first "show" in a long time. It was a relatively small affair - the Peachtree Road United Methodist Church Annual Yard Sale - but I went all out (at the last minute, as usual!). And I managed not to miss any school this week. Hence the tiredness!

I really wanted to package and sell my Pour Deux bakers. But that involved printing out recipe cards - not as easy as it sounds. I could not open the Publisher files on my home computer. But I was able to do so on my school computer. Much to my surprise, I had 7 recipes. I had just learned how to print four recipe cards to a sheet, so I made the proper adjustments and printed those babies out.

On my way home on Thursday, I stopped by Kinkos to print out cards on card stock. Did that, then got home to find out from my husband that the cut lines that printed out on the cards got in the way of expedient cutting - they showed! (NO, it was not until WAY later that I realized I could have used White-Out on the lines...). My husband went out and invested in a paper cutter, as well as foam padding to put between the dishes. He stayed up until about 2AM cutting the cards and arranging them in neat stacks of seven cards per stack.

On Friday, I went to the venue right after school, checked out my spot - a good one on the edge of the Fellowship Hall - and asked if I could show up before the event the next day to set up. When I got home, I thought that there was no way I would have the energy to get it together - but I managed to get my second wind. Not only did I package up over 20 sets of dishes, but they looked great!

I also printed out postcards with information about my wares. I figured that, even if they weren't all taken, that I could leave them on bulletin boards in cafes and such as advertisement. I also came up with the brilliant idea to auction off one of my products. So, instead of having a "sign my newsletter" list on a clipboard, I had a fishbowl of cards with potential clients' e-mail and snail mail addresses on them!!!

I sold about 15 of the Pour Deux Bakers - the Buckhead crowd just ate them up! I even sold one to a French woman - a HIGH compliment!! My husband was a big help, getting up with me at 5:30 AM and loading and unloading and selling and getting me an Egg McMuffin for breakfast.

After we were finally able to snag a dolly to help us load our stuff back up, we headed to Fellini's to eat pizza. After that, we stopped by my brother-in-law's house to visit. Then, FINALLY, we went home. I went to bed.

You know the rest. I will share more later about the Hispanic Heritage Poster Contest and other things. Right now, I am going to the kitchen to choose from the sumptuous variety of sandwich making ingredients I just purchased at Publix and make lunch!

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