Time Traveler? 8:07 p.m. 2005-10-26

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It's Wednesday, and I worked out at the gym - legs. My trainer has promised me lunges next week. Oy vay! I am changing my schedule to Tues, Wed, and Thurs nights. I have lately wanted to take it easy on Fridays. And, on Mondays, I often have an appointment downtown.

This Monday, I had that appointment. It was at 6:00, and I left school at 3:30-ish. I stopped to get dog food, then decided to check out the hot new shopping center, Atlantic Station. I ended up just driving around, as there were frigid winds blowing down the streets. I did drive around, and, well, it looks like a big city. I guess.

Then, I went to El Azteca and had a meal of chips and dips (cheese, salsa, guacamole) - and a margarita. Blame it on PMS. Oh, blame the half-bag of Cheetos I ate on the way home yesterday on that, too.

But, I am turning over a new leaf, now. I am going to work out every day - at least cardio. France is two months away. I have to have somthing to aim for!

Oh! Speaking of which. You know how I love Free Will Astrology? Check out my horoscope for this week:

The old days and old ways are still subtly influencing every move you make, both for better and for worse. I urge you, therefore, to revisit the life you left behind and try to recall the language you used to speak back then. Find out if there's unfinished business that's preventing you from claiming the freedom you need in order to pursue a future dream. Halloween costume suggestions: a time traveler, a ghost buster, an Indiana Jones-like adventurer in quest of ancient treasure.

OH MY GOD!!!!! Is that prophetic, or not? The life I left behind: Francophile, living abroad. Language: French. Future dream: living in France...? That's it - I'm not coming back.

All right. I am coming back - my dog is here.

Is it the kir royales, or is the new Freddy Prinze, Jr. show pretty darned funny? It's all about the Rocky Horror Picture Show - ah, memories...

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