Juego de la Oca 2:21 p.m. 2005-10-22

Check out my E-Bay auctions!!!! I have some great items for Day of the Dead, as well as the Zarela Loteria line, and my own shrines to Guadalupe and the Blue Dog!

This morning was a busy one. I got up at around 8:30 AM and got my butt to the Post Office. I had two international orders to mail to the Netherlands and to the United Kingdom. Thanks to a tip from my buyer from the Netherlands, I decided to try Global Priority Mail. It was fairly reasonable - both packages were under $25. When my husband went to the UPS store, he was quoted over $100 for the one to England - the best they could do from there was $38.00.

My husband is urging me to go online with my mailing, and I need to listen to him. He's going to show me how to set up auctions so that the buyer can estimate shipping. Also, my Yahoo! Store will have a shipping component. I just have to learn about it.

I also wanted to mail my passport renewal out. This has been a chore - I had to go to two different places to get a satisfactory passport photo. I first tried CVS because I was there. The guy took two pictures and chose the one he thought was best, did some quick and dirty alterations on the computer, and printed out 6 copies for $7.99. Unfortunately, they looked like crap. I looked like a "Killroy was here" drawing!

So I spent too much time Thursday night trying to alter a school photo of myself. I could not successfully change the blue background to white or off-white, so I was out of luck there. On Friday, I waited until my planning period, put on makeup, and went to Walgreens. The girl there actually showed me the digital photo that she was taking and I approved it. I only got two copies for $7.99, but I scanned one into my computer in case I want to get a Eurail pass.

I was told at the post office that the Passport line was outside the main office, and I realized that a long line was accumulating there. Since I had a renewal to make, there was no reason for me to stand in line, so I decided to mail it Priority Mail. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring the address of the Passport office with me, so I had to return home, get the address, and then mail it from the machine. Mission accomplished! I think that two months should be enough time.

What else has happened this week? I was finally able to obtain almost 10 yards of fabric with the Virgin of Guadalupe in 9 different designs on it! I now need to get to work making more of my Gorgeous Sheer Shrines! I also plan on making other things, too!

Yesterday, I was cruising the internet. The usual, doing more research on La Loteria, doing Google searches. I came across a link to a recent exhibit in Sioux City of Loteria art, and found a woman who had done a photo loteria in Mexico. Her name is Jill Hartley, and I purchased a copy of her Loteria Fotografica Mexicana.

Because, apparently, I am made of money, and I have no self-control! Beware: credit cards and the internet are a volatile combination...

Then, I went on to do a little more research on a pet project idea of mine. I am fascinated by board games, and board game design (although I have very little interest in actually PLAYING games), and I have been wanting to do a Goose Game board for a while. I had first heard of the game as a French teacher, where it is called Le Jeu de l'Oie. I also saw boards in Mexico, where it is called El juego de la oca. I have drawn the outline for my ovals on poster board. Now, I have to decide what sort of collage I will make!

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