A brief note to show I am alive! 8:29 p.m. 2005-10-20

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Tomorrow's Friday!!! Yahooooooo!!!! This has been quite a week. Neck pain on Monday, massage on Tuesday, I feel better. I can finally be more excited about my upcoming TRIP TO FRANCE!!!!!

I have filled out a passport renewal form, and taken unflattering passport photos at CVS. Now, I have to locate my old passport, and find/take a better picture!!! That will follow me around for 10 years - it doesn't have to be perfect, but it needs to not make me look older than my years.

As part of my new health plan, I just went out to eat Mexican food with my husband - after sleeping through my appointment to work on arms with my trainer. Note to self: don't go home before working out. Often, the nap works wonders, and I do wake up. But not today.

On my day off, I found almost 10 yards of fabulous Robert Kaufman Virgin of Guadalupe fabric!!! I was so excited! I have been using them to make my Sheer Virgin of Guadalupe shrine box

I will write more later - right now, I am distracted by The Apprentice and the need to find a picture of myself to alter for my passport!

Oh, LOOK at my sister with President Bush!!!!

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