I love Paris.... 8:28 p.m. 2005-10-15

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Today, I did not get up as early as I had planned. Maybe it was the three kirs I had last night... As I was obsessively bargaining with Priceline for "bargain" tickets to go to Paris after Christmas.

Last night, I finally told my husband what I was considering. I have been in contact with my friend who lives in Paris after she responded to my e-mail news about my sister meeting President and Mrs. Bush when they came to Covington for the Today Show. My friend is an epidemiologist who I met when she was on a fellowship exchange at the CDC. Here is what she wrote:

"I have no chance to go to the US in the coming months but maybe you would like to vist Paris quite soon??"

Uh, yes? How long has it been since I have been to France? '98? Ouch!!! I almost went a couple of summers ago, but it really was going to be expensive - mainly because my husband wanted to go to Germany and Switzerland. I would love to go there, too, but I would be just as happy to visit friends in Paris and Poitiers - Poitiers is like home. Well, sort of.

So, as I was saying. Last night, after playing around at the threshold of Priceline's "name your own price" interface, I was dying to see if I really could get a round trip ticket to Paris for $50.00 (plus $273 taxes and fees). I went upstairs and broached the subject of my going to France, right after Christmas - for about 2 weeks. Alone. My husband said yes, and of course, I deserve it - having worked so hard teaching full time and launching my new business.

Instantly, my mind was full of plans. Up the effort on my diet and exercise (going 3 times a week to the trainer and often abbreviating the cardio are not quite cutting it!) so that I could be more svelte for France. Apparently, those French people don't tolerate fat people. I am not going to eat out (ate sushi today...), have any massages (that, I really want - tomorrow.), economize, pay off credit cards, all in two months and 11 days.

So, poised for action, I confidently pushed the button to name my own price on Priceline.com. Apparently, you cannot GO to Paris for $50 (plus $273). Or for $100... or $200 ... or - well, you get the picture. When I got to $400, they made me go to bed and wait until I got up this morning to tell me no. I can go for $643, with stopovers in Dallas/Ft. Worth.

You know, I have an objection to going backwards to get to Europe. But that's probably just me.

I have gone to Travelocity, Expedia, CheapTickets, Hot-something, and most of them are about the same. I was urged at Hot-something.com to wait until 60 days before my preferred departure date and then check for better prices, but when I looked at prices for December 15 (60 days from today) they were the same. And, anyway, I don't think that Christmastime prices are going to be cheap. Soooooooo....

Rationalization begins. I won't be paying for a hotel, so that will be at least a (let's see, 14 times $60 to $100...) - well, BIG economy!!! See how the rationalization is working? I could also bring some of my Paris items to sell (okay, I am getting out of control here), so it could be a BUSINESS TRIP! I'm a freaking genius!!! Or am I crazy?

Crazy like le renard...

Okay, so we pretty much know now that I am going to go, even if it costs over $600 round-trip. In fact, I will probably pay the extra $50 - $75 for direct flights on Delta. Hmmm... I wonder if I could sweet-talk someone into giving me some Frequent Flier miles?

Ha! Ha! I'm going to France!!!! It will be cold, but I hope it will be worth it!

What else did I do today? I watched my old VHS tape of Empire Records. Love it! I finally broke down and bought the Remix! Special Fan Edition! at Amazon.com. So much for economizing - but I did save $4.95 in shipping by buying the VHS version of Shirley Valentine.

Damn! Go and buy my stuff!!!! I will need the money!

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