The Apprentice 9:15 p.m. 2005-10-13

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Yesterday and today, I had my students work on Hispanic Heritage Day activities after they did their classwork. They tied ribbon and a card around Mexican lollipops, finished coloring posters, and I sent them out to put the posters up. The plan tomorrow is to send the students door to door to deliver the candies to the teachers. I even made up special Hall Pass badges for the ones that go out as "Hispanic Heritage Ambassadors." I hope that it goes smoothly!

I also came up with the rules for the Poster contest. I sent them to my principal for approval. I plan on holding a meeting for interested contestants and giving them an idea of what is expected. I have set the deadline for two weeks from tomorrow. I have had two people come and ask for information - I think I need to make the announcement for the contest again - and daily. I hope that it won't conflict with the Reflections contest, which is art, literature and music based.

I still continue to fade out in the afternoon. I held out until almost 6PM until I took my nap. I hadn't seen Dr. Phil in a while, so I tuned in, only to find a trailer trash murder mystery. Yes, I watched almost 40 minutes of it...

I am watching The Apprentice (Donald Trump) and I am close to believing my husband's theory that all of these shows are scripted... I watched Martha Stewart last night, and it occurred to me that someone who can't get their act together or get up in the morning would know better than to want to be Martha's apprentice. Hmmmm.

I feel a little bit like the Apprentice at school right now. I have come up with the concept and the fun ideas. I hope that it is successful!

Another idea that's coming up - I want to go to Paris... ;-)

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