Snow Days Coming 12:06 p.m. 2005-09-25

Okay, those of you with virgin ears or eyes - avert them now:


I just got finished typing in a good 3 paragraphs worth of a super entry, then I fumbled, hit some key, and it disappeared. I am so pissed, but I guess this was a little reminder that I really should be typing my entries in notepad before I type them in the New Entry box.

Let's see. I started out talking about how Sonny Perdue has advised School systems to give us our snow days early to conserve gas, so now we have no school on Monday or Tuesday. Then, I asked rhetorically if this was an election year (rimshot!).

I talked about leaving school early on Friday (everyone else who did not have any more conferences was also allowed), to go to see "Just Like Heaven" at a theatre near my gym. I love Mark Ruffalo, and I also love Reese Witherspoon, but this was no "Thirteen Going on Thirty" or "Legally Blonde." The only thing that brought a tear to my eye was the Cure's version of the title song during the end credits - and that's because it reminded me of living in France in 1984/5.

I have a new trainer at my gym. I was boycotting the gym because my first trainer was unreliable - he often didn't show, and had a steady stream of excuses: stopped for a traffic ticket, caught in gas station line, best friend shot in Maryland (okay, that one may have been legit, but still). I was set up with another trainer, who called me the morning of the session to say that she was stuck at home, babysitting her brother's child. Oy vay.

When I was introduced to my new trainer, I sat him down and asked him to give me the big picture. I often got the impression that some of my sessions were improvisational - and even accused one trainer of just making up exercises so that they could laugh while this white woman tryed to lunge across the entire floor of the gym. This guy seems okay, though.

My sister and her kids are in town this week. They left just ahead of Hurricane Rita, and drove up through Hattiesburg and Birmingham to arrive at my mother's place around midnight Friday night. I haven't seen them just yet - generally, Claire's visits are a flurry of activity, as she trys to give equal time to old friends, and family. There is also Claire, JR. - my niece, McKenzie, who has a busy social schedule - thanks to the internet, she keeps up with her friends up here, too, and must see all of them.

Yesterday, I slept late, and then went in s earch of items to fulfill E-Bay orders. When I got home, I mailed things and worked on orders, while watching the last five episodes of Season Three of Six Feet Under. Now THAT made me cry. Just amazing!

Today, we are having a SNOW DAY party at my Mom's house. I am supposed to bring a dish that starts with the first letter of my last name. Great - W. I am going to Costco and look. Do you suppose that W could stand for "Whatever You Want!!!???"

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