Hispanic Heritage, coming up! 8:50 p.m. 2005-09-08

Check out my E-Bay auctions! I have new Zarela stuff now: wastebasket, soap dish, bathroom rug, shower curtain hooks, lotion dispenser, and toothpaste holder! So cute!

I also have a bunch of Blue Dog stuff up - and I made two larger scale shrines to sell: Check out La Sirena (The Mermaid) and Long Live New Orleans! Before you boo me about the New Orleans shrine, I started it way before Katrina... I actually plan to (planned to) donate some of my auction proceeds to the Hurricane relief, but it seems that E-bay has given up on the automatic service.

I could send it to my sister and her family - they are displaced! She has the boys enrolled in a school in Baton Rouge, but my niece seems to be footloose at the moment... Being a teacher, I offered to send homework. I didn't get a response on that yet. I think that she isn't coming up to Atlanta, because she doesn't think that Covington will be out of business for long. I hope not. My brother-in-law may need to work in GA or FLA for his company until - well, until...

On the school front, I am gearing up for Hispanic Heritage Month. I am planning a Hispanic Pride Poster Contest, and tomorrow, my students will decorate the posters I designed and copied off on my own dime. Hey, instant lesson plan: best $11.00 I ever spent!

Here's the plan: Students will turn in entries, which will be judged in two categories per grade: Black & White and Color. That will be four winners in all: two for 7th and two for 8th. TNEN, I will scan the images and set up a CafePress shop (or four?) to sell the t-shirts and other items to students and others. Then, I will take the top 12 entries (hopefully, there will be at least that many) and print a caledar to sell. The proceeds will go to the Diversity Committee, to implement some of my wacky diversity ideas!

I also plan on putting together an art installation of Mexican art and culture, but that hasn't quite crystallized yet. I figured that it could wait until October 1st, since we are doing daily announcements in English and Spanish from 9/15 to 10/15... Maybe the art could stay up through Dia de los Muertos!!!

At home, I am still striving to get my act together. Here is an excerpt from my audio horoscope that I painstakingly transcribed from Free Will Astrology:

So, Leo, the window of opportunity is still open for all these pressing issues Iíve been talking about: acquiring new tools, re-thinking your financial approach, coming down to earth and engaging in practical action, improving your time management, getting better organized, refining your priority list, and eliminating trivial desires and pushing your most important goals to the top of your agenda. And, youíve still got a lot of opportunities to keep refining your approach to all these things.

Okay then. That will be interesting. Here is the tough part:

...And, Leo, I hope and I pray that you have been working on getting waaaaay more down to earth recently, and I hope that you will continue to get way more down to earth. As much as I enjoy the interesting fantasies that swirl around inside your head, it is high time, astrologically speaking, for you to stop devoting so much attention to those interesting fantasies, so that you can give much more of your life energy to forceful, simple, practical action.

But, here was the written version:

You are becoming very relaxed. All tension is flowing out of you. Your worries are dissolving. With each breath, your body feels a growing sense of peace and well-being. Your mind is expanding naturally, allowing you to experience a harmonious attunement with life. In response, deep sources of practical intelligence are welling up into your awareness, filling you with good ideas about your long-term financial future. Soon you will begin writing down a ten-step master plan that will go a long way toward making you into a money magnet in the next 18 months.

Okay, if you scoff at astrology, leave me alone. I want to be a money magnet!!!!

Thank God tomorrow's Friday!

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