full speed ahead 11:29 a.m. 2005-08-18

New E-Bay auctions up! We'll see if it is better late than never. I have a couple of new items up, including Mini Loteria Games and Traditional Loteria Games.

I am most excited about my new crosses, however: I am test-driving a couple I have made. Both have the Virgin of Guadalupe in the center. One is Blue with Red Roses, and the other is Red with Blue Stars. I hope to have them up on my Maison Celeste site soon.

Tuesday night, while watching Gilmore Girls reruns, I decided to open up a few more Cafe Press shops. I was so impressed with the quality of the mini poster prints of my Paris Eiffel and my Peace On Earth collages, that I have decided to make prints of my other collage art. So far, I only have Love Triangle up. I also worked on adding more products to my Maison Celeste Sacred Heart Logo. I actually have little commission on those, because, if someone buys them, it's a free ad for ME!!!

School is going pretty smoothly so far. Today is an "evaluation day" - meaning I am testing my students. I am giving them pretests on my listening program and on my grammar series. I am also planning on giving a reading fluency test, but that may have to wait until tomorrow.

I may be back on the wagon workout-wise. My trainer and I were out of sync for about a week. I actually (sort of) enjoyed the whole business yesterday, and we will be making up for lost time today and tomorrow. Hell, I may even go to Weight Watchers on Saturday. I certainly focused on going to bed early last night, though.

I am off to Folk Fest this weekend! Got to get some business cards and/or a flyer put together to hand out to art dealers there! I plan on going to the Meet the Artists party tomorrow night, and then to go again maybe on Saturday.

I also may go to a production of Once Upon a Mattress on Sunday. I was in a production when I was about 8 or 9 years old with my sister. We were in some sort of pantomime prologue before the play. I don't remember much about the pantomime, but I remember knowing all of the adults' lines and still know some of the songs. I am trying to go with a friend.

And now for my Free Will Astrologythis week:

A company's CEO is its chief executive officer, and the CFO is its chief financial officer. Even if you already serve in one of those roles, I'll ask you to give yourself a different title for at least the next two weeks: CVO, or chief visionary officer. In fact, please become an excitable purveyor of thrillingly out-of-the-box ideas no matter what line of work you're in, or even if you're unemployed. It's time for you to dream up possibilities that have been inconceivable until now. But also keep in the back of your mind this caveat, courtesy of business visionary Tom Grueskin. When asked by Fast Company, "Can the imagination ever run too wild?", he replied, "The imagination itself, no. What's done with it, yes."

Go and check yours!!!!

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