Art Experiences... 5:51 p.m. 2005-08-13

I have E-Bay Auctions up. Just the usual: Shrines, Zarela stuff, and Loteria! I just got an order in from Don Clemente and will put up some more stuff tomorrow!

Speaking of TOMORROW - it's my BIRTHDAY!!! And, then, school starts. I have been pretty busy with school stuff, but I still have little idea about what I plan to do with my students on Monday. Hmmmm.... I have had a couple of major energy crashes this week, and last night, I just hit the sack at 7:00 PM, then woke up at 9:00PM and debated the logic of getting up. Finally, I got up, had some toast, and went back to bed to continue reading my Why French Women Don't Get Fat book. I went back to sleep at about 11:00, and woke up this morning at about 9:00.

I guess I am old. How sad for me.

Today, I went to find a neighborhood garage sale my friend was taking part in. I didn't see anything that I had to have at the time. I went home and had a fabulous sandwich and some of a plum and blueberry pie I made. No, I am not counting Weight WAtcher points... But it seems today like everything I eat is the BEST thing I ever had - even the fresh Sausage McMuffin with egg I had for breakfast. No, I don't smoke pot...

According to the French Women book, I am probably dehydrated.

Calling out the birthday card, I coerced my husband into going to a gallery in Inman Park to see the works of assemblage artist, Anne Cox. It was very interesting - click on the Online Exhibition link to see some of her work. The shrines she builds are quite large. I found it very interesting, but I knew my husband would not think it was his cup of tea... Oh, well!

One good thing is that I found out, just in time, that Folk Fest is next weekend. I picked up a flyer, and I am for sure going to try and make the Meet The Artists Party Friday night! Yee-Haw! Next year, maybe I will even exhibit!

After the Barbara Archer Gallery, we found and went to Paris on Ponce, a huge and musty antiques store and events venue. I thought that my husband was going to have to leave, but he stuck with me. I will have to go back, because there was so much I missed. I DID pick up a large tri-fold mirror frame, like something that used to be on a dresser. I can't wait to see what I do with that!

When I got home, I did some more perusing of the internet - despite the thunderstorms outside. I was finally able to locate an actual Linda Pace website, which had some great pictures of her assemblage art. I went to see her latest exhibit, Timelines, at the Joan Grona Gallery in San Antonio this summer.

I just have one question, and you have to look at the above sites to answer it: How do they organize and store all of that stuff? Here is one quote from an interview with Anne Cox:

Hunting through other people's rejects can be dirty, dusty work. Also, I live in a not very large house which is completely crammed with stuff, so finding a space to even work is a maximum mental challenge, as if making poetic connections between a thousand objects wasn't hard enough anyway. My studio could be a powerful force for lunacy. I mean, everywhere you look: Doll heads.


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