First Day 9:06 p.m. 2005-08-08

I have E-Bay Auctions up, after a week off. Just the usual: Shrines, Zarela stuff, and Loteria! I just got an order in from Don Clemente and will put up some more stuff tomorrow!

Today was the first day of pre-planning - meeting with the whole school system at our school at 8:30 AM. I got to school by 8:00, and spent most of that time installing my dog in my new classroom. This entailed blocking two doors to the nearest stairwell, and bringing her in that way.

I was a good girl during the whole presentation: didn't bring any "busy work" to multi-task with. I only groaned a bit at the traditional yearly rendition of "Wind Beneath My Wings" - lovely song, but when are they going to find another inspirational song for teachers?

The meeting ran over, but the next meeting was not really pushed back. It was to be at 10AM, preceded by a fully catered breakfast. I skipped the "continental" breakfast provided at 8AM, thinking that I would indulge in the full one.

Instead, I deemed it necessary to return to my room, give water to my dog, and put on make up. My new room is across the street from the main building, accessible by skywalk. By the time I got to breakfast, there was nothing left but grits and scrambled eggs.

Well, I guess that the GOOD news is that I will get more exercise!

The second, administrative meeting ran until about 1:15 PM. After that, I was pretty much done in. I took some time to find a custodian to move my new furniture across the street to my new room. That will mean that I need to bake TWO cakes now. That is one way to get things done!

Since we were supposed to go to lunch anyway, and that would be about an hour, and the workday would be over at 3:00... I went home. I went straight to bed and slept until 6:00 PM. I need to up my caffeine intake, I guess!

When I got up, I ate a virtuous dinner of vegetables with a little light Dijon vinaigrette - followed by 2 cups of cherries. That was to make up for the Big Bacon Classic and fries I had on my way home from school. Gotta get back on the wagon again! Workout with trainer tomorrow!

Isn't that exciting? Next, I went to Walmart, and found two awesome storage ottomans and got some shower curtain accessories - I am using Loteria shower curtains for the curtains to my new windows! My room is going to look sooooo great! I will post pictures later on.

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