WW VIII 8:46 p.m. 2005-07-26

I have E-Bay Auctions up. I am busy producing the astounding 5 custom items ordered last week!!! School starts in 2 1/2 weeks and I will need to make sure that I make first and then sell.

Today, I am kicking off my new attempt to follow the Weight Watchers program. I went yesterday and bought frozen entrees for the next five days or so. I am trying NOT to focus on food as much by not planning menus and cooking. Unfortunately, I LOVE food. I am a good cook and get a lot of compliments on my cooking. What am I going to do now?

How am I doing, you ask? Pretty well - If I don't use up ALL of the extra Flex Points in one day!!! Do you know what really peps up Lean Cuisine Enchiladas Suizas? A half a cup of leftover mac and cheese! ;-) Also, I know that kir royales are not forbidden, but I think that, after tonight, those will not be available (unless I buy MORE sparkling wine...).

Still, on the good side, I did not add anything extra to my Healthy Choice "Cajun" Chicken and Shrimp Entree - a soupy mixture served over rice. And I had TWO salads today and cherries for dessert.

My father called, and I must call him back, but, luckily for me (and not so lucky for him), there is a Gilmore Girls rerun double feature on the WB.

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