Decisions, decisions... 1:47 p.m. 2005-07-18

After a week off, I have New E-Bay Auctions up. Go and see. I am trying a new thing, where I list a couple of my CafePress t-shirt designs, such as the Loteria Heart to the left, and refer by link to that shop. I will see if I get more orders from that. I just got a lovely commission check from them today!

I am all alone, having sent my husband off to Boy Scout Camp yesterday morning. He is escorting a mainly Latino group of boys, a combination of 3 troops, actually, that the Council is trying to get off the ground. It's called Latino Emphasis. I am all for it - and the boys and their parents seem very enthusiastic about going to camp. I just hope that this translates into actual activity in Boy Scouts throughout the year.

I am going to camp- either tomorrow evening or Wednesday morning. As I may have mentioned, I agreed to go with a group of the boys on their assigned horseback trail ride. It could be fun. I am also supposed to bring my husband some cookies or brownies or somthing.

What else is up - OH! I hurt like HELL!!!! Today was my fitness evaluation - nothing more than body measurements. I was not put through the Cardio or Flexibility tests. If I had been, perHAPS my sadistic trainer would not have made me do so many of those lunge things. I was huffing and puffing like an old lady.

I immediately went home and went back to bed. I then officially got up at noon, and ate pizza. I have a Weight Watchers meeting tomorrow morning. Screw them - screw everyone!!!!! I still have until Friday to back out of my trainer deal... you would think they would take it easy on me until then...

Yesterday was a day of big news. It all started off with husband off to camp. Then I went and ate sushi. When I got home, I had an e-mail with GREAT news from a friend. After 5 years of trying, her husband was offered a teaching position with the Department of Defense Dependents Schools. They will be moving to a base south of Tokyo in a month!!! They literally have to be there by August 15th! I am soooo thrilled for them!

Now, here's the other deal: my friend was the 7th and 8th grade French teacher at my school. So, that immediately gave me another thing to think about - should I ask for her job? I am pretty sure that a replacement has not been found yet - she just told my principal last Monday, and is bringing her letter of resignation by today.

So yesterday afternoon, instead of going back to bed right away - my original plan - I frantically tried to reach Nathalie (to make sure she had already told our principal), find out my principal's home phone number (which he very wisely seems to have unlisted), conferring with colleagues and friends and family members. I finally sent an e-mail to the principal, entitled: "Do you need a French teacher?" and instantly received an Out of Office Reply. He's on vacation until the 25th.

I don't want anyone to think that I don't like teaching ESOL. I love my students (most of them!) and have become so Latina that I have commented that I am more Mexican than some of them! But there are other factors to be considered:

1. We have entered the era of Hi-Q, which I have already gone to the trouble of blogging about. Basically, if I stay in ESOL, I will have to take two more Reading Specialist classes between the beginning of school and January. If I become the French teacher, I won't, since I am already HIGHLY (or highly enough) qualified for that job.

2. AYP - that would be Adequate Yearly Progress. Students have to make AYP, and Special Ed and ESOL students have trouble making it. If this happens too often, what? I lose my job? Or take a pay cut?

3. Finally, my horoscope. (Okay, note to newcomers: I will quote such inane synchronicities. Do not judge me!!!!). Everything is in the above link, but look at this:

I foresee a comparable development in your life, Leo: You will retrieve a dormant kernel or fading ember from the past and bring it to vibrant life.

Pretty spooky, huh?

Of course, no position is perfect - and I have some pretty big shoes to fill if I am hired. Nathalie did a WHOLE lot with her students, including planning a yearly trip to France. I've never done that before.

I'll keep you posted. In the meantime, check out this cool travel site I just found: Guava Travel Magazine. There is a neat article on clothing bargains in Paris - at least check that out!

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