The Party's Over... 3:28 p.m. 2005-06-13

Here I sit, eating leftover coconut cake from my dinner party. Things went well last night - everyone showed up as planned and all is forgiven.

Damn, but that cake is good!!!! That would be from Southern Sweets Bakery in Decatur, Georgia. It was worth the one hour round trip drive...

So, I (I mean we - husband helped!) got two thirds of the house cleaned up and presentable. We voted to keep the top floor "off limits" to the general public for their safety. I used all of my Zarela table accessories, including placemats, runners, cloth napkins, and shower curtain hooks as napkin rings. I also used my red and black tea light holders, Gold rimmed Buffet Ware, and gold "silverware". Oh, and my ruby glasses from Pier One. The table looked awesome!

I have a few personal notes to myself regarding how things could have run smoother. As often happens, and I try to avoid, I was in the kitchen a lot during the party. Next time, I need to work on my preparation and timing. The cocktails for sure should have been made earlier.

Also, the middle floor of my home was warm... This was not a problem for some of my guests, who were tropics-loving Brazilians who rarely run the AC at their house, but I was dashing about, and I was HOT. I guess we need to have the freon checked. Or have the next dinner party in the garage or basement.

Today is spent painting shrine frames, cleaning up the kitchen (if it doesn't go in the dishwasher, it doesn't get used again!), and sleeping. I slept until after NOON, with one reluctant interruption from the Fed EX delivery truck. I would have ignored it, but it is my husband's new Mini Mac, and he has been tracking it on its slow route from China, to Anchorage, to Memphis for the past couple of days. I knew he would be pissed if I didn't go down and sign for it!

I have a headache - and NO, I did not get drunk last night. I barely had enough time to drink, and I didn't even finish my dessert - maybe I deserve TWO slices of cake this afternoon!

I think I will go and watch Oprah!

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