An Emily Post-like Rant 9:58 p.m. 2005-06-11

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Can I just give you a piece of advice? If you are invited to a dinner party (two weeks ago) and you said yes... do NOT call the hostess the night before the event to try to get out of it- after she has gone to 3 different places to shop for groceries, planted some 30-odd plants on her deck so that it looks good, cleaned most of her house, and thought of nothing all day except for how her dinner party is going to flow.

This advice is pointed in particular to those of the male persuasion - although I have had couples, men, women, you name it - cancel on me at the last minute. I have even had a couple of people (interestingly enough, both couples) just not show up. But, men, let's be honest - you are often more sought after as dinner companions. Especially if you are conversant, polite, and attractive. There are usually more women than men at dinner parties, so don't leave us hanging with uneven numbers, puh-leeze.

I am being as general as possible, but husbands, you are part of a couple. You should arrive with your assigned mate. If you don't, I expect a really good excuse - say, you are maimed and in the hospital. Nothing less will be accepted.

Soooooo.... I'm having a dinner party tomorrow night. I am still trying to keep up the momentum of enthusiasm, even though there are difficult people in the world. Here is the menu:

Aperitif: Caipirinha punch (non-alcoholic version as well) with cherries and limes. I don't know what I will serve with this - maybe just pretzels and nuts.

Main course: Chicken Cordon Bleu made in the slow cooker, in cream sauce with mushrooms, shallots and pisco.

Sides: Wild and white rice without the obnoxious herb packet. Also, a spring mix salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, and radishes served with a balsamic vinaigrette.

Dessert: Coconut cake from Southern Sweets Bakery in Decatur. I was going to make trifle, but figured that it would be almost as expensive, and this just entailed driving.

I will serve wine and tea with them meal.

Gotta go clean up some more! I called my erstwhile dinner guest up and explained a little of the above to him. I will let you know if it takes.

Oh, and for the record, I really LOVE having to CONVINCE people to come to my dinner parties. Great for the old self esteem.

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