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I am sitting here, eating a Papa John's pizza. My husband asked me to order from someone other than Pizza Hut. We squabbled about it, and I definitely wanted him to pay for it. It seems only fair that, if I pay, I get to order from whom I wish. There was a choice from between Domino's and Papa John's and I chose the latter because Domino's does not allow online ordering. They had better get with it!

Now, the resulting pizza (one large The Works with regular crust) is certainly edible. And it comes with its own little container of garlic margarine dipping sauce. But, there are fewer toppings. Also, for (under) $20.00, I could have had TWO Pizza Hut pizzas - even if they were medium, it would have been more.

But I win points for being flexible. After all, compromise is a part of marriage.

Even if I am right.

Today, we got tickets for our family trip to Texas. My husband and I are going to fly into Houston, rent a car, and visit my best friend for a couple of days. Then we will drive to San Antonio to meet my mother, my sister and her family (husband, nephews and one niece). I think that my aunt is also coming. We will be spending the fourth of July weekend there, then driving back to Houston to spend one more night and fly back home.

Until then, I am going to spend some time organizing my business, while my husband does Boy Scout things. I have made some progress - two trips to Goodwill and two garbage days and extra runs to plant garbage in other places.

I am currently trying to tidy up the garage. I am hoping to corral the camping gear and tools (anything my husband would want to use) in the left hand corner of the garage. The rest is mine. Now, I was going to move all of our Christmas decorations up to the attic, but just moving some of my husband's office files to an upstairs closet was exhausting and hurt my neck, so I may back down and just buy two more shelving units.

Oh - one day late - here is my Free Will Astrology horoscope for this week:

Prince George's County in Maryland is one of the most affluent African American communities in the U.S. While preparing to build 20 new million-dollar homes in the area, a developer recently discovered the ruins of an old slave cabin dating back to the 19th-century. At the urging of historians, he agreed to restore it and make it into a monument for the captive workers who once toiled in the tobacco fields that used to be there. As you rise to a higher level of accomplishment, Leo, you should consider creating a similar memento that will remind you of how far you have come.

I am thinking of a large burning pyre of my memories. I visited my sister last weekend. She is Miss Organization. I asked her if I should keep all of the essays and papers I wrote in college and high school (and, dare I say, middle school?) and she said NO.

I don't know if I will go that far, but I do have boxes and boxes of pamphlets, flyers, postcards, souvenirs,and pictures from Quebec (8 years ago?)and Mexico (trip one, 6 years ago and trip two, 3 years...) waiting to be immortalized in albums of some sort. I may have to let go of all but the photos. Before I became a part-time artist, I enjoyed collaging memory books, but I may have moved on! And there all of those projects sit, taunting me with incompletion.

I know that this is an enthralling entry. I have been saving the rest for last. I am listening to a Christian Chick Lit novel on CD. Yes, I was duped at the old Cracker Barrel. On my way to New Orleans, and part of the way back, I was listening to John Grisham's The Broker. Then I tried listening to Change Your Life in 30 Days. But I couldn't handle that. So I stopped at a Cracker Barrel outside of Mobile to trade CDs.

I chose a book called Flabbergasted by Ray Blackston. It's pretty good - likeable characters and the reader is amiable enough. It's written from the viewpoint of the guy. And it is set in South Carolina. Cute.

Gotta go clean. I am having a dinner party Sunday night and there is much to do. I will write more about that tomorrow!

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