Pier Pressure 4:12 p.m. 2005-05-28

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Okay, yesterday I got quite a bit done, but started losing steam after my caipirihna. I got my small second wind and was able to stow all of our CD's into my new CD cabinets, bought at Pier One a couple of weeks ago. Then, I began recycling the box, putting in some of the boxes of egg ornaments I bought last week at Pier One.

This morning, I woke up with my husband, who was headed for the Georgia Renaissance Festival with his best friend. I begged off, because he goes there for the music, and I just end up wanting to eat and buy stuff! I had a bowl of Raisin Bran, contemplated going on the Cereal Diet, then surfed the internet looking for variations. Let's see, there's the Kellogg's Kick Start Diet, The Kashi Kit, but where is the Cap'n Crunch Diet?

Then, in an inspired move, I decided to go back to bed. Yep - slept from 10:00 AM to 1:00PM. I had two very interesting dreams. In the first, my school was haunted by prankster ghosts. Floating, severed heads kept appearing in the darnedest places, then disappearing. But it wasn't scary - I rarely have bad dreams.

I also had a dream about having to cross a river by walking as far out on rocks or a bridge as possible. Then, because the bridge had washed out, I would have to swim the rest of the way. The second time I crossed, the ford was blocked, and some inspectors were checking for security or something. One of the workers who watched the place (I don't recall them being there before!) said she was going to get in trouble because my bandanna, which had fallen from my head earlier, was "littering" the place. Miraculously, just as I thought I was going to have to turn back, because the way was blocked, I saw an alternate route: a bridge that had been there all along!

Dream analyzers, analyze those!!!

I finally woke up, and as is my wont on a Saturday, I craved sushi buffet (so much for the cereal diet - awwww, I'll start on Monday!), so I put my clothes back on, including the bandanna I had been wearing (for real - bad hair day!) and went to Toyota Ya. Yes, it was good.

On my way home, I decided to stop by Pier One. For those of you that don't know, I live very near to the Pier One Clearance Store, possibly the only one in North Georgia. It's a fun place, and helps spark my creativity, even if I tend to overspend at times. When I pulled up today, they were having a parking lot event (I guess, in honor of Memorial Day...) and the place was mobbed. I came up with a lot of good ideas - mostly party oriented, but bought nothing. I wasn't going to stand in that line at the cash register!!!

This summer, I plan on decorating my four bathrooms. I have things in some of the bathrooms, but don't have them painted or anything. I also need to hang things on the walls. That will go a long way to getting some of the millions of frames I have accumulated off of the shelves, and into use! When I am done, I am planning on having a "Tour des Bains" cocktail party - doesn't that sound like fun?

At the Pier One Clearance store, there are hundreds of metal fish and bird sculptures. I plan on buying some of them and having a fish-decorating contest at one of my parties. I also want to use the cute wire photo holders as place cards - look at these - wouldn't they be precious? I also have some ideas about sending some of the toys or frames out as invitations. There are hundreds of lion and elephant boxes that would be great for that.

Yes, I apparently think I am made of money! But it's Party-time!!!! I even saw some cute coasters with tropical drink recipes on them, but passed - even though caipirinha was one of them! More on the parties later, including the IKEA opening party! Gotta plan!

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