Gone with the whirlwind 10:42 a.m. 2005-04-23

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Wow! I can't believe that it has been 9 days since I have updated! CRCT Testing is over, I am scrambling to fill a couple of E-Bay orders, my father is visiting, and my house is a total disaster area!!!

There are four more weeks of school left. Three of them include my Reading Specialist class that I must take to keep my teaching certification. My school system has also scheduled a lovely list of end of school activities to keep us occupied and to fill our meager planning time. Twice this week, I have attended these "command performances" - one on my terms (leaving my paraprofessional in charge and attending during my last block of classes) and the other during planning under duress.

It may seem a paradox, but I generally get my second wind at the end of school time. This is the time when I want to try "fun" things, new techniques I have learned, etc. We are reading a book together and working on how to summarize things. What I NEED to be doing is working on my book talk (due next Thursday) and on my group project's Power Point presentation (due two weeks from Thursday).

Alas, that is the kind of procrastinator I am. Instead of just flat out avoiding things, I suddenly become deluged with ideas and projects and the compulsion to help other people to do things that they can probably do for themselves. Maybe I have Adult Attention Deficit Disorder.

Last weekend, I accompanied a friend to Macon to take the Praxis II at Mercer University. I spent the night at their place, entertaining their three boys to the best of my abilities and getting very little sleep. We woke at 5:00 AM and all went well. I proved that I was a competent driver and test-taking assistant, getting coffee and food to her just before she had to test.

Saturday night, my husband and I went to the first birthday party of our newest niece. Then, I went to bed and slept.

My sister was in town for her birthday weekend, and I painted and distressed a carved wood frame for her gift. My mom, my sister, and I attempted to find a place to eat out on a Sunday night, and ended up at a sushi place - where my sister, in honor of her birthday, declared that she would try sushi. She had a corner of a very expensive piece of sashimi tuna and said that was that. We also ordered an odd appetizer of yellowtail cheek (nope, not the part of the fish you think - get your mind out of the gutter!).

Then we ordered Pizza Hut by phone and picked it up on the way to my mother's place. We made it time for my mother (Rainman) and my sister to catch Desperate Housewives.

I took Tuesday off and spent the day finishing up Blue Dog shrines to fill orders placed on Sunday. In an innovative idea, I decided to place on auction designs that I had already completed, and to make them up if someone bid on them. I won't be doing that again! I only plan to sell items that are finished from now on.

My dad came in to town on his way to a postcard show in Virginia, and now is back for an antiques and postcard show right here in Norcross. He has made catfish courtbouillon and stuffed pork chops and jambalaya. I provided lunch at school to my colleagues Thursday and Friday.

Unlike my best friend, who lives in Houston and has a strenuous social life, I am not used to this much activity. As I mentioned before, my house is a total wreck. There are postcards everywhere from my dad's preparation, and neither of the males in my household seem to understand the importance of doing the dishes.

I have cancelled my massage appointments all this month, because of the costly trip to New York City. This weekend, however, I am going. I am very much in need of some self-care!

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