NYC - Day Two 6:19 p.m. 2005-04-04

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Day Two of NYC! We slept a little late - 'til 8:00 AM. When my husband complained that he had wanted to wake up at 7:00, I pointed out that it really was 7:00, since Daylight Savings Time just started yesterday. I was mistaken about the hotel providing continental breakfast, so we went to eat at a place called Fluffy's Bakery - just your basic bagels.

We then walked around Central Park for a bit. It was very nice, but seemed smaller than I expected. We took pictures of statues and saw the sea lions perform at the children's zoo. I made no eye contact with homeless people, but did make the mistake of making eye contact with a squirrel while my husband was observing the falconer's statue.

I had purchased a bottle of Diet Coke from a vendor (only $2.00 - I expected it to be MUCH worse!) and Wheat bought a sack of roasted sugar almonds. All of the signs said not to feed the squirrels, but this squirrel was trying to hypnotize me. I asked my husband for an almond, and he said "You are not going to feed that squirrel!" I think that the squirrel would actually have taken it from my hand. Or crawled up my pants leg... I wanted to take the little squirrel home in a Sherpa bag. We used to have a pet squirrel named Scooter. Maybe this was the re-incarnation of Scooter...

Okay, enough about the squirrel!

We had a very long walk, so we decided to go back to the hotel, where my husband promptly laid down. When I realized that he was going to be out for a while, I offered to go and get lunch and bring it back to the room. After passing a couple of places - including a deli/grocery with a "salad bar" priced at $4.99 a lb - I decided to get a foot-long Subway BMT for us to share. I also went back to Fluffy's and got two slices of Mississippi Mud Cake. That was soooooooo good!

This afternoon, we went to the Park Avenue area. We bought some shoes, and browsed at Trump Plaza. I also was thrilled to go into the Mackenzie-Childs showroom - so much fun stuff. We also went into the Mont Blanc store and took pictures outside the Steinway showroom. Our final stop was at Kate's Paperie, where I saw many things I may buy later. I just love upscale papers.

Tonight, we may have dinner at Chinatown, and we are going to a jazz club called 55 Bar.

By the way, a note to my lovely mother and aunt. Please stop putting horrific pictures of Delta in my guest book. This is linked to a commerce site, and I don't want to frighten people.

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