Not too shabby - or who is this Rachel Atwell, anyway? 8:59 a.m. 2005-04-02

Check out my E-Bay Auctions!I was really motivated this week - at least on Sunday! I put up about 28 things up for auction! There are shabby chic painted frames with the Virgin of Guadalupe and San Miguel (The Arcangel Michael), Blue Dog shrines, Zarela Loteria and other bath stuff, and more!

Okay, speaking of shabby chic. About a year ago, I bought some lovely carved frames, and painted and distressed them. I added pictures to them, to increase their sale-ability, and took them to a show in Louisiana. Here is a sampling of them, from one of my photo albums below. Aren't they cute?

Lately, I have been selling them on E-Bay, with pictures of the Virgin of Guadalupe and the Blue Dog, among other things. I worked hard on these frames. There is a base coat of white, as well as 2-3 coats of colored paint. Then there is the distressing bit - a trade secret (joke!). I have the starting bid at $9.99, but they are worth a lot more than that in labor, believe me!

So, when I went to E-Bay to make my bid, I put in the description "Shabby Chic Style" frames. A warning box came up, telling me that Shabby Chic is a trademarked name, and to be sure that I was not misleading people. I did not feel that I was - there is clearly a picture of the item, and if people really think that they are fans of this Rachel Atwell character, then they would have done their homework.

I had someone bid on two of the frames: One with a lovely pink angel, and the other with a picture of the girl in chains in Purgatory. She just wrote me and asked if I could retract her bid, because she was "confused." Okay, I said. But then, I put the words "shabby chic" in the E-Bay search engine. Over 2000 items popped up. Obviously, I need to be more creative in my ad name!

I'm off for a massage and a facial. More later!

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