Testing: Part Three 10:00 a.m. 2005-03-23

Check out my E-Bay Auctions!I have 3 Blue Dog Shrines up and a new thing - Blue Dog jewelry dresser! Today is the close of those auctions!!! I hope they sell, because I am experiencing a little low cash flow right now! And last night, I bid on and won a set of Blue Dog Christmas cards last night, and need to pay for them!

I have also updated my website with pictures of Shrine Frames (Guadalupe and Blue Dog) and Story Boxes. Go to Maison Celeste.com. I need to add more - I may recycle my photo albums on Bravenet to make a slide show of my shrines and story boxes, which are growing in number!

Today, I feel a bit better than I did yesterday. It took over an hour to get home, me whining at the wheel the whole way. I hit the sack and woke up drugged at 7:30 - with just enough time to heat up venison chili and watch Gilmore Girls. I had some of my dump cake with ice cream afterward and watched Scrubs.

Of course, after all of that rich food, I could not just go back to bed. I went down to my office and futzed around, then got sucked into Law and Order: SVU. It was about a Pentecostal cult leader that was sleeping with young girls - played by that guy who played the magic "dealer" on Buffy. He's quite the spooky guy!

I downloaded some pictures of the Blue Dog from George Rodrigue's website - for my own personal enjoyment, of course! I make my shrines using cards that I bought. It's completely on the up and up!

So far, I have had two phone calls this morning - during testing! It is over now, two days to go!

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