Testing: Part One 2:42 p.m. 2005-03-21

Check out my E-Bay Auctions!I have 3 Blue Dog Shrines up and a new thing - Blue Dog jewelry dresser!

Oh, and I have also updated my website with pictures of Shrine Frames (Guadalupe and Blue Dog) and Story Boxes. Go to Maison Celeste.com. I also just put up some more Loteria items!

Okay, so apparently Diaryland had some sort of massive server crash. Either I have now lost all of my stored images for good, or they will come back soon. In the meantime, I fiddled around a bit with using one of my collages as a Journal theme. Not such a great idea. I did a quicky edit of my donkey collage, and now it is all fuzzy. More work will be needed - it's been quite a while since I have fiddled with this layout.

Today begins ITBS testing - yahoo! I got to school and was grumpy, because it is Monday and I did not have enough weekend, after all! I want to go home! And I will, too - via the bank and library. Oops, the bell is about to ring - I will finish this at home... or tomorrow!

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