I see London, I see France... 10:11 p.m. 2005-03-19

Check out my E-Bay Auctions!I have 3 Blue Dog Shrines up and a new thing - Blue Dog jewelry dresser!

Oh, and I have also updated my website with pictures of Shrine Frames (Guadalupe and Blue Dog) and Story Boxes. Go to Maison Celeste.com.

Having a nice weekend? I think I am! Last night, we went to see a movie - Robots. It had to be a G-rated one, since I was going with my hubby! It was technically brilliant, but the plot was not much. It matters not - I was there for the huge vat of buttered popcorn, anyway!

Afterward, we went to WalMart, and then to Waffle House for a late dinner. We had a persecuted waitress, who had to go into the back when a customer got mean. My waffle was served first, and then I had my favorite food: fried eggs, grits and two sausage patties, all cut up and mixed together with salt and pepper. My husband always acts offended by the combination, but I love it!

This morning, I slept in and woke just in time for my massage. After a lovely lunch of sandwich and cookies and Diet Coke, I went through my clothes and set aside some for donation. I am determined to get rid of things.

I am now watching Season Two of The Gilmore Girls - and I just happened to notice that Lauren Graham's thighs do not touch... Before you have any nasty thoughts, let me tell you that she is wearing pyjama pants. I don't think that there has ever been a time when my thighs did not touch...

ANYWAY! Wheat and I went to the Mall of Georgia to return some camping things he bought. There were a lot of people there - at the mall. We walked around for a bit, while I looked for a CD of the original cast of Jesus Christ Superstar. It's Easter, after all, and I don't think that I am ready for The Passion, ReCut.

Did I mention that we are going to New York City? Well, we are!!! I made the decision a couple of months ago, when my husband and I were talking about Spamalot, the Eric Idle musical adaptation of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I decided that this would be the perfect gift for my husband, who is a huge Monty Python fan. I also decided that, if I was going to see Spamalot, it would have to be with Tim Curry, Hank Azaria, and David Hyde Pierce.

Also, I have never been to New York City before!!!!! This will be a little gift for me, too! We have AirTran tickets already, and I got a hopefully decent hotel on Priceline.com. We just purchased a guidebook from Waldenbooks tonight.

Now, you would think that, with such a fabulous trip coming up (in two weeks?) that I would be satisfied? Me? No!!! Do you know what I was doing yesterday at school? Looking up airfares for Paris... I even brought my best friend into it, via cell phone. What am I thinking?

Time to find more things to sell on E-Bay!

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