Sleepy and Grumpy 8:03 a.m. 2005-01-11

Check out my E-Bay Auctions.

I have all sorts of Loteria items, shrines, story boxes, framed Blue Dog cards - even things for crafters to use!

It is Tuesday and I am tired. Is this a pattern? I stay up late, mainly on Saturday night, and the last two Sundays, I had good intentions of going to sleep early enough. Unfortunatly, I didn't get to sleep really until 1:30 AM. To get up between 5:30AM or 6:06AM (snooze button).

Yesterday, I got home a little later because I stopped by Pier One to pay my credit card bill. Of course, I loitered for about an hour, and purchased a great mirror and two flower-shaped rugs for my bathroom, as well as some glass swizzle sticks (I am going to remove the animals and flowers at the top and add them to story boxes and shrines).

When I got home, I was going to watch Dr. Phil, but my dad called, so I talked to him while arranging things in my new bathroom. The flower rugs look cute, I think. Now, I just have to paint the walls and hang things.

Before I could prepare dinner, my husband proposed a trip to Best Buys and the T-Mobile store - he wanted to purchase a jump-drive he had a rebate for, and to finally get us enrolled in a new couples plan on T-Mobile. Since I am trying not to automatically refuse to go out after I have made it home, I said yes.

The T-Mobile store was crowded, but we got a pretty good deal on the two new cell phones, and he changed the SIM cards right there in the store and assigned a number to my husband's new phone (for some reason, I thought we would share a number). I chose new (colored) wallpaper for my phone screen and annoyed the people around me testing out the various ring tones that I probably won't use.

After the trip to Best Buys, I suggested that we go to Chipotle, a new burrito place, to eat. Last time I ate there, I had a burrito with carnitas (Mexican pulled pork), and it was delicious, so I was ready to have some again. I ordered three tacos this time, with chips and guacamole. It was very good!

Unfortunately, when I got home, something I ate gave me severe stomach pains, so I spent the rest of the night in the bathroom. I didn't get to sleep until 11:30. Still, the carnitas were good...

Yesterday, I started preparing my students for the Georgia Middle Grades Writing Assessment. I was up in front of the class a whole lot, trying to show them how to brainstorm and read a writing prompt. Exhausting, but a bit amusing, since I decided to tell them about the time I got in trouble with the drama club in high school because I published a critical, subversive poem about their beloved teacher and coach. I had my first and second blocks laughing at my pain, but I don't know what I could do to illicit a response from my lower level class.

Today, because I am tired, and because I talked too much yesterday, I am having them write their rough drafts with little help from me (when they take the actual test, no one can help them at all!). And I am back here, writing in my blog.

This afternoon, I am determined to go home and get some rest. I also need to finish up one of my jewelry dressers so that I can ship it to the buyer. I hope I make it - I am very sleepy now!

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