Lost Weekend? 1:05 p.m. 2005-01-09

Check out my E-Bay Auctions.

I have all sorts of Loteria items, my art, story boxes, framed Blue Dog cards!

This has been a pretty mellow weekend so far - I managed to get out and mail 6 packages of eBay sales by 1PM! I went to a different post office - one that was supposed to be closer and reall wasn't. The line was VERY long, and as I stood there, I noticed that there was this new machine that would do the same thing, sooooo....

I am getting more organized with my shipments - and will eventually have a special place stocked with tape, labels, packing materials, and a variety of (free) Priority Mail envelopes and packages. While at home, I usually package the items and address them. I even have sticky return address labels that I put directly on the Priority Mailing label. That way, I can just drive up to the Post Office, and mail things.

Now, the mailing machine is pretty neat. You place your package on a scale, and go through the menu on a touch screen. After you have accepted the weight and put in the zip code, you must use your debit card to pay for the transaction. (that is the only pain, as I had to have 6 different transactions...But on the other hand, I can now just attach the separate receipts to my invoices!) The machine spits out a mailing label and you stick it to your package. Then, there is this big in which you deposit your package. Pretty cool!

Of course, as my husband pointed out, there are options available by USPS where you can print the labels and pay for them online, and the postal service will pick up your packages at your doorstep!!!!

Isn't this fascinating?

In the afternoon, I played around with my website and fiddled around the office and second floor, re-arranging things. Since last week, when my husband "took the initiative" and moved all of my stuff downstairs and all of his stuff upstairs (office exchange!), I have had a hard time finding some things. Because I have delusions of dinner parties again, I want to at least get the middle floor up to snuff so that we can have people over!

I also decided to try to be more organized and systematic about my Maison Celeste website, and am creating a file with folders separated into different merchandise - something I should have done a long time ago. I love Bravenet, but was very frustrated when I went to make a couple of small changes to a page, only to find out that I had wiped out everything that had been there before. Solution: copy the code into notepad before I do that again!

Friday night, we went to the Dollar Cinema ($2.00, actually) to see "Ray." It was quite good, and my husband really liked it! The popcorn was not too shabby, either, for a discount cinema! It has been a while since we have been to the movies, now that we have NetFlix. I am hoping that this means that we will now go and see more movies at the bargain theaters and save money. My husband, however, has decreed that we must see "Electra" as soon as it comes out!

I am making a cake for a fund-raising lunch tomorrow at school. If I had been thoughty, I would have saved the Mexican King's Cake for that, but I like making cakes, anyway. Since I can never do anything simple, I am using a 2 layer cake mix to make a 4 layer cake. I like icing - a LOT of icing! Then, I will take the Mexican Hot Chocolate Mix I made (cocoa, brown sugar, and cinnamon) and use it to make icing - Maybe!

Today is absolutely gorgeous - sunny and warm in the middle of winter. I am sure we will pay for it sometime! It makes me want to go to a cute neighborhood in town and walk the dog - maybe Virginia-Highlands or Little Five Points? Unfortunately, I have a headache and a little vertigo. Maybe having ONE LITTLE MARGARITA (shot of tequila, shot of orange liqueur, shot of Midori, and mix) while taking Prozac is finally catching up with me.

Or... I could be hungry! Let me go see!!!! Toodles!

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