TGIF 5:20 p.m. 2005-01-07

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I had a pretty good day, and my commute was the best I have had in a while on a Friday. I got the Diversity Plan written, brought Mexican King's Cake to school, and planned a possible Spring Break getaway...

First, the Rosca de Reyes story! I went to the bakery my students indicated, and there were king's cakes STACKED outside on cooling racks. Inside, there were boxed cakes of all sizes, and a sample deluxe cake to taste. The Rosca looks a bit like the Louisiana King's Cake, but instead of colored icing and sprinkles, there are patches of sugar and dried fruits (I think they are the jewels!) The piece I had had candied citrus peels and half of a dried fig! I asked the woman how long they would be selling them, and they said until today (the 7th). I asked how long they worked to make so many cakes, and she said just two days!!!

I bought two cakes - one small ($20) and one medium ($30). When I got to my side of town, I stopped by Quiroga, my favorite taqueria, I asked where they could be purchased in Gwinnett, and the owner said she did not know. I offered to sell them one of my cakes, even though I was planning on taking the large one to school. They were going to buy the small, which is pretty darned large to me, but decided to buy the large - and that was the one with the figs! Oh, well, at least I got a taste!

When I got home, we feasted on tamales and cake. I didn't do the hot chocolate, which is traditional, but I did have a margarita!

Then I went to my new office and set up a new CafePress shop, called J'aime Paris!. I had spent one obsessive night working on my first Paris Valentine, and even went so far as to order a pink t-shirt and I really like it a lot! It's called I Love Paris and has been the biggest selling design of my CafePress shops!

Okay, enough self promotion! Have a nice weekend!

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