Consulting the Tarot 11:04 p.m. 2004-12-01 Since Thanksgiving afternoon, I have been plagued with the yearly change-of-season sinus problem. I have lost my voice, am too tired to do anything, but I have managed to go to school every day. I keep wanting to call in sick (since I truly am now...), but I am taking it one day at a time.

The pain, however, is that I have not made it home before 5:30 or six in the past three days. I have been delayed at school and/or the traffic has been brutal. I don't know why - did people like the Thanksgiving traffic jams so much that they want to relive them? Well, I don't.

I am having my students listen to a book on CD - The House of the Scorpion by Nancy Farmer - and plan on them finishing the first read-through by Dec. 17th - the last day of school before the holidays. That is very ambitious - especially for ESOL students - but it is a science fiction tale set in the borderlands between Mexico and the U.S. some one hundred or so years in the future. Most of my kids are digging it, I think.

When I get home, I have been just hitting the sack for about 2 to 3 hours - the last couple of days I ate a burger on the way home and then ate nothing else. Tonight, I managed to eat something at around 9PM when I woke up. I am about to hit the sack again, but thought that I would consult to see what's up!

Here was my question: How or when will I get my act together?

I chose 3 cards - I always do the sample reading - and here is what they said:

Card 1 - Four of Cups - Dissatisfaction or boredom is clouding your vision. Interest and action can get you back on track.

The card in the Self position reveals aspects of how you perceive yourself right now.

The Four of Cups in this position points to a state of temporary stagnation. Your will has dissipated for a moment; your mind is distracted from its true goal. A vague sense of dissatisfaction and malaise may be stealing your sense of well being and replacing it with ennui.
The image on the card indicates what needs to be done. The calmer elements are dormant in the three cups at the bottom of the card: body (earth), heart (water) and mind (air). The mind is trying to stir, but the cup of fire coming in from above, which represents the will, will incite change. It is only through arousal, action, motion and combustion that the mood can be dispelled, and you can be brought back to your wits. Although there are lessons to be learned from asking yourself how you got to this state, you don't want to allow yourself to stay here long.

Okay, so far, so correct!

Card Two: King of Cups - A wise and compassionate guide provides reassuring support.

The card that lands in the Situation position refers to social or circumstantial factors which could be affecting your life at this time.

When the King of Cups is in this position, you may be the beneficiary of clear guidance and support. Compassion and guidance is available to you from some quarter, perhaps even from some part of yourself. This king brings out the best in people by opening himself deeply to them.
Having such a resource on your team or in your environment is a confidence building experience. In his sphere, new connections are created naturally and spontaneously. In a sense this person is like the bass line in music, acting as both the rhythm and the chord. The King's solid contribution provides substantial support.

Well, I am listening to the latest Cheryl Richardson book, Stand Up For Your Life, so I will accept that!

Card Three: Four of Wands - Accepting your role in a team effort stimulates personal growth and leads to reward.

The card that lands in the Challenges/Opportunities position refers to ways that you can turn obstacles into stepping stones.

The Four of Wands in this position supports a persistent effort to be reliable and responsible. Effective teamwork sometimes depends on successfully making up for each other's missing skills, and you are being asked to hold up your end. You have been brought on board for your expertise. While others in the group are working on their specialties, you are expected to work on yours.
This creative group effort will push you, stimulate you and demand that you give more and grow more than you would on your own. When you rise to the challenge with enthusiasm, you will be richly rewarded.

I am still not clear on that last bit - if I hear the words "team effort" one more time, I think I will scream! Does it mean a team at school? Or that I should join one of those Cheryl Richardson groups? Most likely, it is a sign that I need to learn to delegate more of the things I do that are bogging me down to other people... I like that better!

Let someone else do my grading, committee meeting participation, talking to worried parents (particularly welcome with a froggy throat in Spanish!), cleaning the house... I am sure I can come up with more if I think about it!

There is no I in team!

I don't know why I said that!

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