eBay weekend! 3:10 p.m. 2004-11-08

First of all, let me talk about the auctions I am currently running. I may be getting the hang of this eBay thing. I sold at least one of all of the items I had on auction last week, but before I find out if it was profitable, I have to work out how much I got versus how much I spent (inventory, eBay listing, and labor!). It was fun, though!

Here is what I have now. The pictures may not be perfect, but I am not working in PhotoShop anymore this afternoon. Just click on the thumbnail to go directly to the auction and see much better pictures!

I am so lucky that I found new Loteria items to sell!!! Here is the shower curtain:

It can be used for many things, but here is a cute idea from the Crafty Chica - click on the picture to go to directions:

I also have more of the papel picado (Mexican punched paper used for fiesta decoration and Day of the Dead)

I was sooooo excited to find these placemats with the same set of images. I love the black background. I have already cut some apart and am contemplated some cool ideas: I may lace some together to make a belt... or cut one in half to make a book cover.

Isn't that cool? Here are some funky pillows to go with the set:

I also am putting up more of my Teresa Villegas' loteria games, as well as two sets of my mini loteria games. All are great for making mini shrines or other things - even for favors at a party!

Finally, I have a couple of hand-made items I have been dying to put up. First is a jewelry box - one of those mini dressers I have re-painted and papered and decoupaged. This is the one with the Peter Max heart wrapping paper:

I also have the first of the Guadalupe shrines I made:
Sorry to be so blatantly commercial, but that is what I spent a lot of time on yesterday!

This weekend was quite nice. I actually left the school area at a decent hour, thanks to a (fruitless) departmental meeting at Central Office. As I was crossing Atlanta on the 285 loop, I decided to try the Atlanta School of Massage and see if there was anything open. There was - a 5:15 appointment with one of the professional massage therapists. Instead of going straight there, I decided that Perimeter Mall was close enough to pass the waiting time there.

Bad idea! I left at 4:55, and crawled along in traffic until I had but minutes to spare. I was almost there, but got confused at the roads off of the exit and accidentally got BACK on I-285 going back towards the mall. Curses insued (I was on the cell phone with my sister...), and I knew that I would now never make it on time. I called to cancel, and they gave me alternate directions. I still crawled along and called again to cancel. The counter-offer was a half-hour massage at $35.00, so, stressed, I made my way over there.

Saturday, I spent a LOT of time in bed. Apparently, I needed the rest! I woke up at 9AM and my husband and I managed to walk the dog in downtown Norcross - at least that was some exercise! Then, I checked on my auctions and did a tarot reading - all indicators pointed to sleep! So, I went back to bed. I got up with just enough time to color my hair before I met my mother at that cursed mall to eat sushi at Goldfish. I felt pretty good about my eBay trades, so I had one of their fancy martinis and Mom and I shared sushi. We went shopping for a while, then to Cafe Intermezzo for dessert.

I got caught up with my NetFlix viewing. We (my husband and I) are getting in touch with The Gilmore Girls. We like it a lot! We finished the first two discs of season one, and eagerly await the other three.

But, Celeste, what about the novel? Well, I have to admit that I have not written this weekend, but I will soon!It is entitled La Vida Esta Una Loteria.(I know, leave it to me to obsess about something!) I have it on Blogger - check out my first four chapters!

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