NaNoWriMo 2004! 7:21 p.m. 2004-11-03

It's that time again!!!!!! I have started on my novel, entitled La Vida Esta Una Loteria. I know, leave it to me to obsess about something! I have it on Blogger - check out my first three chapters! Here is a short explanation of my concept:

"This is my NaNoWriMo project for 2004. I am a fan of the Mexican Bingo game called Loteria, which combines images and numbers on the cards. There are also traditional or impromptu hints or riddles that accompany the images. I have been collecting different versions of the game, as well as other artists' renditions of the cards in the deck. This month, I will endeavor to creat a story of 54 chapters named after the 54 cards in a Loteria deck. There are few ground rules, but I am going to name each chapter for a Loteria card, and I am going to work them in numerical order. I will start each chapter with a traditional riddle in both Spanish and English. I am also going to add images in black and white to reinforce the theme. I am going to try and include that image in the chapter. Y'all wish me buena suerte!"

Doesn't that sound like fun? Have I completed the work for my Writer's Workshop sessions? Nope! Maybe they will accept this instead.

I sent an e-mail to all of the Language Arts teachers I know, letting them know about the event. I got no response. Not surprising! So, I am on my own, I guess...

Last night, my husband and I met with the Columbian woman who began the Latino Boy Scout troop in our school system. We had fabulous red beans and rice, with delicious chicken. Hey, those South Americans are not so different from Louisianians at that!

My e-Bay auctions are going pretty well. Here they are - 3 days to go!

Loteria Shower Curtain

Papel Picado Shower Curtain

Teresa Villegas' Nueva Loteria Game

Mini Loteria Games for Pinata!

Check them out - there's still time! The little individual Loteria games for putting in a pinata are a great idea for a birthday party or for crafts...

But enough self promotion!

Yesterday was a Teacher Work Day - where we were kept in meetings all day. When do we get a chance to work? Today was early release - called Academic Enrichment Block Day. It was the eighth graders' turn to stay late. I thought that I would get away with having no kids, since we had not formally offered the Study Skill class this time. Alas, no. I had 6 students show up to "study."

I also had a group of ninth graders come from the high school to visit, although I doubt that I was the sole reason for their pilgrimage. I invited them in for a while, but since my goal had been to actually spend some quiet time working, I finally had to banish them (after showing them my Lstino wear at and giving out my business card...), then calm down the six students in my classroom.

No schoolwork was done, but I made some strides on my novel! I am about to hit the sack - part of my new Extreme Self-Care program...

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