Taking it easy? 8:19 a.m. 2004-11-01

Holy camolie! This past week, I made a major decision, although I am having a hard time sticking to it. I am trying to chill the hell out!

I have been decorating skulls compulsively, and yet I found myself without a reliable means to sell them. I could have gone to the Woodruff Arts Center Dia de los Muertos celebration Saturday and Sunday, but was hesitant to pay the $250 vendors fee.

Funny how that didn't stop me from spending $150 at WalMart and over $100 at Pier One (but it was on my credit card, so it doesn't count...) this past week. But, who's judging me?

Friday, I was beginning to feel the stress of the past week, and I have an even busier week ahead. So, after some soul searching, and a quickie Tarot reading, I decided to do nothing. In fact, the first Tarot card I drew (courtesy of Tarot.com said something specific about the need for rest.

So, Friday night, after my hour and a half long commute home, I ate some cake, let the dog out, and went to bed. I (we - because my husband can never turn down a good chance to sleep!) got up around 9:30 PM groggy, but still wanting to eat something. We finally decided to go to the IHOP, where I had my favorite meal: grits, three fried eggs, and sausage (all cut up and mixed together with salt and pepper), with pancakes and syrup for dessert. Then, we went home and went to bed again, after a little surfing of the Internet - and watching Van Helsing on DVD.

Saturday, I finally got the courage to put some items up on e-Bay. I have been meaning to do this for a while, but their system for putting items up (especially multiple items) is not very direct. Luckily, I have in my husband an expert at e-Bay transactions. I did the ads myself and asked him questions when I got stuck. Here are my items up for auction:

Loteria Shower Curtain

Papel Picado Shower Curtain

Teresa Villegas' Nueva Loteria Game

Mini Loteria Games for Pinata!

It's a start! I am planning on putting more up by Wednesday. Don't forget to check out my website - I have links to my CafePress.com designs (the valentines and two collages) from there:

Maison Celeste

I tried the relaxing thing - Saturday, my husband and I ran some errands - I had to go back to school because I left my re-charger/laptop plug at school, as well as my cell phone recharger. I took my mom's dog and my dog for a walk around a lake while Wheat went to the Boy Scout store. Then, we dropped the Marm (Marmee, Mother's dog) off at her condo and went to eat at Taqueria del Sol.

Yesterday, because we stayed up until around 2AM (3AM old time), we slept really late. I wanted to go and see the Day of the Dead celebrations, which were running from noon to 5PM. Unfortunately, I decided at the last minute to make a skull brooch and pair of skull barettes to wear out (couldn't have done that yesterday?), and then decided that I needed to print up business cards to give out. We left by 2PM.

Wheat took some great photos of both celebrations, including some of the altars that were on exhibit. The Woodruff altars were made by schools and organizations, and were really nice, but the Instituto de Mexico altars at the Atlanta History Center were representatives of different states as well as memorials. We didn't get to photograph them all, because they shooed us out for the judging.

We also saw Aztec dancers, flamenco performances, and a guitar trio from Veracruz. I didn't have any food, but now I am craving tamales like crazy! They were all sold out!

Last night, I spent two hours icing and decorating a skull cake to offer to the faculty for a benefit lunch today. Next time, I will not try to decorate over coconut. It looks really neat, though.

I will see if I can get a photo album up with these pictures and more. I am also taking pictures of my students decorating skulls - a project we started last week.

Finally, I am getting geared up (a little late) for National Novel Writing Month. I have had it at the back of my mind for a while, but wasn't sure I would do it. Yesterday I heard from my friend Vanessa, and she and a friend are going to give it a go. I am also assuming that my friend, Laura, (a-HEM!) is going to start today. I just came up with a glimmer of an idea, and am just going to plunge forward!

More about the taking it easy thing later!

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