Dawn of the Dead 7:05 a.m. 2004-10-19

I was just checking my stats, and I can't believe that anyone is actually reading my blog - as infrequently as I update. Last week, I went through a phase where I decided to only do my journal on Microsoft Word documents saved on my hard drive. That lasted two days...

As my husband would say: "What's the fun, in this exhibitionistic world of ours, of having a PRIVATE JOURNAL?"

Maybe it was PMS - I am totally off of my birth control pills and am due for a trip to the gynecologist. But I can't go see him until I have had my mammogram, which is two years past due...

Well, I guess some things are meant to be private... and I bet anyone reading this right now would agree.

Anyway, I was getting frustrated with the fact that I don't tell the whole story when I write in this journal. I can't, because 1) too many people I know read this journal, 2) some of these personal problems don't involve just myself, and 3) many are just feelings that pass aafter a while, and why bum everybody else out?

Happy Happy Joy Joy - there, I'm back.

One thing that was really stressing me out - for no particular reason - was the Writer's Workshop I was forced to take at school. Now, you know me - I love to write. Try and stop me from writing.

When I am supposed to be doing something else. Like teaching, for example.

But, if you TELL me I have to write, then get ready for me to get immediate writer's block. I am a naturally disobediant person, I guess. I have so many things already that I have to do, please don't give me another.

And don't tell me it's going to be fun, either...

Of course, one of the points that is made in Writer's Workshop is that writing should be a daily occurance, and that is what makes it less difficult. So, by making the class a once-a-week event, the instruction was counter-productive in that way.

However, if I had just let go of my stubbornness, I would have gotten a lot out of the course. As it is, I will need to re-read the book and do some extra work to make up for the days I missed. All in good time.

I also am annoyed at other things, but that is enough whining for the time-being.

I have made some headway in preparing the recipe cards for my Pour Deux baker, and tried out lots of recipes this weekend, including a kick-ass pecan pie. Unfortunately, my bakers do not seem to be graham cracker crust friendly, but the key lime pie was delicious anyway!

I have also had a lot of fun with some skulls I am decorating for Dia de los Muertos. I don't know what I am going to do with them yet, but I might just set up near the local bodega and sell them as the time draws near. Dia de los Muertos is November 1st and 2nd, but most of the celebrations this year will be on the weekend of October 30 and 31. I wonder if it's too late to get in on one of those.

This next weekend, I was supposed to take part in the Treasures from the Attic town-wide yard sale here in Marietta. I have been sporadically stockpiling items to sell for about a month, and my car trunk also holds some treasures. However, I just learned that my sister is coming that weekend with my niece and two nephews, so I may bow out. On the other hand, my sister is an incorrigible trash-picker and garage-saler, so she may want to come on along!

So many decisions, so little time!

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