Lovely Labor Day Weekend 8:31 a.m. 2004-09-07

I had a really nice, relaxing weekend, and a long, wet, annoying commute to work this morning! Yippee - Welcome back to me!

My husband went with a friend to Prog Day, a music festival held every year in Chapel Hill, NC. I have been before, but declined this weekend. I am glad I did.

After my hectic Friday, it took over an hour to get home (as I expected!) I just missed my husband's departure, at 4:30 PM. I think I hit the sack, since the dog had been walked already!

Here's what I did this weekend - I like the idea of categories:

Eat - I ate out most of the weekend. I did not have sushi, but lots of popcorn and Mexican food. I went for a lovely walk in downtown Roswell on Saturday morning, and at at a cafe called Magnolia. I had an interestin rendition of enchiladas verdes, some fancy French lemonade, and a peanut butter cookie. I also ate out on Sunday at my favorite taqueria, Quiroga - having tacos of lengua (tongue) and cabeza (cow head). Yummy! For dinner, I had popcorn with butter. I made a pie from pluots, which were on sale at Publix, and had ice cream at Brusters. Not a very balanced diet! But, hey, - on vacation!

Movies - I went to see 2 feature- films at the cinema. I went to see Garden State with my mother. I liked it fine - it was very quirky. I also went on the spur of the moment to see Collateral by myself. It was okay, but a little predictable.

Videos - I also got a one-month membership to Blockbuster's movie club. They are trying to give Netflix a run for their money. The first month is $15, and I can have two DVDs or videos out at at time. Friday night, I finally saw City of God, along with the documentary on the gangs in Rio. It was different from what I expected. It was good, but depressing, of course. I also checked out Thirteen, to remind myself of what I am teaching ;-). I just got finished breaking up a potential troublesome twosome in one of my classes, and this made me think of that film. Also depressing. Sooooo.....

Comedy - I checked out some Ellen DeGeneres and Margaret Cho to offset the heavy films I chose. I loved both of them and watched them a couple of times. It's a very interesting how two people with similar viewpoints express themselves so differently. Of course, I am assuming that they have similar viewpoints because they are both gay-friendly....

I have to say that Margaret Cho rocks! As obnoxious as I found her second video, Notorious C.H.O., I laughed out loud at the third one, Cho Revolution. I envy so much those people who come right out there and state their opinions, no matter the consequences. And, no, one cannot do that at a middle school teacher!!!! I also checked out her blog. Just type "Margaret Cho blog" into Google. I am about over the hyperlinks right now! ;-)

Art - I framed four Blue Dog (by George Rodrigue) cards in my shrine frames, but haven't painted them yet. Instead, I worked on producing a set of Story Boxes, using Loteria images (both new and old). I still have to finish four of them, then embellish them with glitter and objects, then decorate the outsides of them. I plan on numbering and titling each one and selling them. They are a lot of fun!

That's pretty much it! I spent a lot of quality time with the dog - taking her to Roswell with me. Downtown Roswell is really precious. I enjoyed walking there. I will have to go again.

Well, it's back to work for me. I am doing "improvisational teaching" today, as I got to school just before the bell rang, despite my leaving fairly early. Darn that Frances!

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