My Ship(ment) comes in! 9:22 p.m. 2004-07-14

Well, I am at my mother's place right now. We came over to set up her new DVD player, and my husband is explaining to her how to use it. We ate dinner at Taqueria del Sol, and I had the best cheese enchilada with red chili sauce that I have had in ages!

I have been busy all day - as of last night, our DSL has been down, and as of the test that BellSouth did on our phone line this morning, we have been without phone! Thank goodness for my cellphone!

Yesterday, I finally received my package from - the things look fabulous - in particular the Voodoo, Texas, and Mexico heart shirts. As far as the Loteria T-shirt goes, I need to adjust the lettering on one of the shirts because it makes the heart too small. And, my Frida Heart lunchbox needs to go back. Although I followed the directions, the top part of the heart was cut off. But I will have to get a link up from this site so I don't have to keep repeating myself here, and I have some ideas for promotion.

Here are the links for now:

Paris Eiffel

Peace on Earth Mother

Frida Heart

Creature of the Night

Heart of Texas

Heart of Mexico

Voodoo Heart

Loteria Heart - the logo for my blog!

I painted a lot of frames and even the mini dressers and my shrine frames. I am going to put Peter Max hearts on the red dresser, and Loteria images on the turquoise blue one. I also have painted the little tri-colored frames so that I can distress them tomorrow - they are for the nursery of my new niece!

Gotta go - my hubby wants to check his e-mail! More later - my new Sony Clie is in, too!

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